Joseph John Vasek/Mary Pribula Vasek

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Unknown Vasek/Unknown       John and Mary Myerchin Pribula



Mary Helen Pribula, born April 6, 1896, died April 15, 1980

-M- November 12, 1918

Joseph John Vasek, born March 23, 1894, died November 5, 1974



Martha, born 11/24/1919

Ludmilla Anna, born 9/25/1921

Elizabeth, born 3/24/1923

Margaret Mary, born 12/9/1924

William Joseph, born 9/03/1926

Frances Mary, born 8/17/1928

Adeline Ann, born 11/5/1930

Lorraine Ann, born 9/15/1932

Ralph Raymond, born 7/31/1938

Raymond, born 11/22/1940, died 11/1941



Martha, Ludmilla Anna, Elizabeth, Margaret Mary, William Joseph,

Frances Mary, Adeline Ann, Lorraine Ann, Ralph Raymond, Raymond,



Mary (Pribula Vasek was born in Northland Township, Polk County on April 6, 1896. at their farm home, eleven miles north and three and one-fouth miles east of East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

She married Joseph Vasek who lived fn Farley Township. He was born March 23, 1894. Mary and Joe were of Czechoslovakia descent and both had a third grade education. During their courtship years, Joe would ride his bike halfway to meet Mary, who was walking to meet him. They enjoyed all the Tabor dances before and after they were married which took place in Holy Trinity Catholic Church on November 12, 1918. Afler their wedding they moved to the farm where they lived all of their years together. Joe built a house, it had a kitchen, pantry and living room down stairs and two bedrooms upstairs. This home was a place of many happy times. Their ten children were born and raised there. Joe's mother was the mid-wife, she delivered eight of the chiIdren, one son died at the age of one year.

Mary was a very hard worker, she always grew a large garden, canning hundreds of quarls of vegetables. They raised their own chickens and cattle, so they made homemade sausage and smoked ham and bacon. To supplement lheir income they made and sold whiskey and beer. The men would go every fall to the woods and cut enough wood to heat their house for the winter and cook and bake on the wood kitchen range. They may not have been rich money-wise, but the family always had plenty of good food, as Mary was an excellent cook and shared her talent with all her friends an:d relatives. Mary and Joe's home was a gathering pIece for both the young and old.

Mary always drove the car, so when she went to town. she did the shopping for many of her neighbors. She had such an excellent memory lhat she never needed a list to remember what they ordered.

After her fami1y was grown and married. Mary took jobs in Grand Forks for Jacoby's Cafe and also at Valley Memorial Home, where her soups were A.A.A. rated.

Mary and Joe were fortunate to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1968 with all their children present. Joe loved to play cards or read western novels and Mary was always busy usually helping others.

Mary and Joseph are buried in Tabor Cath,olic Church Cemetery.



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