Mary Novak Boushee's Knedlik, Potato Dumplings

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Note: This recipe was a hugh hit at the 2005 Myerchin Family Reunion. A big thank-you to Mary Novak Boushee and Ron Novak for providing the recipe for all.


Knedlik (Knedleek), Potato Dumplings

There are many dumpling recipes out there. Ours utilizes only potatoes and flour. For the Myerchin reunion we cheated and used little dumplings purchased from our local food distributor. Thanks Mary.

Peel and boil 3 pounds of potatoes. Red potatoes work best. Cool in refrigerator at least overnight. Leave them uncovered to dry out a littleso they are easier to work with. We like to leave the potatoes for 48 hours in the refrigerator but it isn't necessary.

Grind or rice the potatoes.Using about one full pie tin at a time, mix potatoes with one cup of flour in a well floured mixing bowl. Mix very lightly and do not squeeze the flour into the potato or you will have a gummy mess. My wife, Tammy makes fantastic dumplings by running her fingers down into the flour/potato mixture making sure to keep her fingernails in contact with the sides of the mixing bowl and then simply lifting the mixture and letting it fall through her fingers. Keep adding more flour and mixing until you have what seems like an almost dry mixture that sticks together when you form it into a ball. We like to make our dumplings about the size of small tennis balls. Be sure to keep your hands well floured so the mixture does not stick in globs to your fingers. A lot of this gentle mixing seems to be the key to good dumplings.

If you can find a dumpling mix at your local supermarket that works well too though when it comes to dumplings I am a purist and prefer homemade.

Ron Novak






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