Ella Mae Loranger (Matson)
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Arthur Armand Loranger/Armeline Schiller Loranger



Melanie Matson



Birth:        26 Apr 1925
Death:     Fall, 2001

Occupation:           Housewife, mother, teacher
Education:              Secondary
Religion:                 Roman Catholic


Spouse: Robert Matson

Children: Melanie


Probably George Willet and Ella Mae, around 1927


Notes for Ella Mae Loranger

Kit was an elementary teacher. Over the years she taught in Lancaster and Chisholm, Minnesota, Williston, North Dakota, Missoula and Helena, Montana. She is now retired and lives in Helena, Montana.

Ella Mae Loranger and Robert Matson were divorced many years ago.

...Philip R Myerchin


SCHILLER FAMILY TREE.PDF of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller complied by Rosemary Schiller, Argyle , MN


RIVARD dit Loranger Family Line

My Immigrant Ancestor-Benjamin Schiller
by Robert P. Schiller

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"The Family Tree of Cecile Schiller Belland"


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