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It's our hope that myerchin.org will become a hub for interaction between all of the Myerchins and Schillers and all of their extented familes. We hope you can contribute your family information to our site or link our site to yours.

When Tom, Phil, Bill, Marsha and I first started discussing the website, we envisioned a somewhat simple place on the internet where we could post old photos and perhaps exchange e-mail.

After we secured the name and website, it began to dawn on us how terribly huge the project would be. Bill and I spent quite a few evenings in his photography studio discussing the organization and logic for the site. We wanted a uniform "look and feel" for the pages. Bill designed the logos and we started creating "standard" pages that, we hope, offer a reasonable flow and sense of logic to the person who wishes to browse through the site.

What was once going to be a "few webpages" looks like it will be become over a hundred.

The process of gathering old photos, calling relatives for dates and names, and contemplating all of these fading memories have given Angie and I many great weekends of pleasure. It has also sparked a keen interest in our children and grandchildren to continue the process of family discovery.

John S. Myerchin


If anyone wishes to contribute materials or funds for the future upkeep of the site, please sent them to:

William S. Myerchin
5619 North I Street
San Bernardino, CA 92407


Make checks payable to:  www.myerchin.org


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