Alfred Shillaire (Schiller)/Margaret Helen Tilton Shillaire

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Joseph Shillaire (Schiller)/Mary Jane Domoe Shillaire         Fred Tilton/Catherine Roche Tilton





Edward Sarsfield Shillaire, born 3/07/1902, died 2/02/1963
(Alfred) Roy Shillaire, 1/30/1904
Joseph E Shillaire, 4/27/1912
John (Jack) Shillaire, 3/10/1916


Edward Sarsfield Shillaire, (Alfred) Roy Shillaire, Joseph E Schillaire, John (Jack) Shillaire,


ALFRED SHIlLLAIRE was born March 20, 1884 in Bay City MI, and died May 22, 1964 in Bay City MI. He married MARGARET HELEN TILTON May 05, 1902 in Bay City MI, daughter of FRED TILTON and CATHERINE ROCHE. She was born January 10, 1883 in Bay City MI, and died, September 28, 1955 in Detroit MI.

Notes for ALFRED SIllLLAIRE: According to church records at St Joseph's church, the family name was spelled as Chillaire.

More About ALFRED SIllLLAIRE: Baptism: March 30, 1884, St Joseph Catholic Church Bay City MI Burial: May 25, '1964, St Patrick's Catholic Cemetary Bay City

Notes for MARGARET HELEN TILTON: Margaret's birth certificate is on file with Bay City county clerk's office, record # 148, filed I 5/2/1883. It shows her father, Fred, was born in New Brunswick, and her mother, Catherine, in Canada.

More About MARGARET HELEN TILTON: Burial: October 01, 1955, Calvary Cemetary Bay City MI .

EDWARD SARSFIELID SHILLAIRE, b. March 07, 1902, Bay City MI; d. February 02, 1963, Detroit MI.
(ALFRED) ROY SHILLAIRE, b. January 30, 1904.
JOSEPH E SHILLAIRE, b. April 27, 1912.
JOHN (JACK) SHILLAIRE, b. March 10, 1916, stb Bay City MI.

Carol (Shillaire) George 
Clarskton MI 48348

Alfred Shillaire Baptism Record



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