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Argyle Fire Department.. 1905 [Back] J. A. Wallin, George E. Ericcson, George Charbonneau, J. W. McKay, NUs A. Nylen, George G. Keup [Middle] Dan Christianson, H. Hedquist, T. K. Onstad, Pete Beauchemin, Gilbert Mesna [Front] Baptiste Chouinard, C. J. Robertson, Charles L. Gut

ARGYLE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT The city of Argyle bought their first fire engine in 1888 for $1152. It was not until 1893, however, that Argyle organized an official fire department. On May 9, 1893, a group of citizens of Argyle met at the Argyle opera house to organize a volunteer fire department.

Before the evening was over. they organized a fire department consisting of 24 members. They wrote a book of by-laws and picked their own officers. They followed their by-laws very strictly, helping them to be a successful department. The department has always tried to keep their equipment at its best. They have changed trucks, hoses, uniforms, etc. as the years went by. They also tried to improve their department in any way they could. Two great improvements were made in 1921. In this year, the Argyle telephone company agreed to call the firemen in case of fire. That same year, the city of Argyle purchased a fire siren. The two used together proved to be a great help to the firemen in responding to a fire. They are both still used today.

Today the department has 25 members. They have two fire trucks, a rescue van, and a water tanker truck. The rescue van was added in 1975, allowing the department to answer emergency medical calls.

The department's equipment is stored in the Argyle Fire Hall, built in 1971. Through the years, the department fought many fires in their area and assisted neighboring towns in fighting fires. They always tried to do their best, and in doing this, have proved that they are a very efficient and dedicated department.


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