Box 177
Argyle, MN 56713


Mission Statement: To preserve the history of the Community of Argyle and the surrounding Area.


Dear Patron of Argyle,

The Argyle Historical Society is asking for your help in preserving the history of our community. We are starting a campaign to raise money for capital improvements for the Argyle Museum. We hope that you will be generous in helping us to achieve our goals.


The Argyle Historical Society operates the museum in the old Argyle Depot. The Argyle Depot was acquired in 1984 and was moved across the street to its current location. The depot was placed on a foundation of railroad ties. This has served its purpose well these past 21 years.

The current Argyle Historical Society Board has decided to install a new foundation made with concrete. We received a quote from a local contractor to replace the railroad ties with concrete. The quote was $16,300.00.

We have been collecting old pictures, documents, and family histories. The Argyle Depot is not insulated, and we do not heat it. We have decided to build a new building next to the depot and connect the two with an enclosed ramp.

The first part of the new building would be heated and cooled to create a controlled environment for the pictures and documents. We would like to make this a genealogical library. We would continue to acquire area documents, family histories, and pictures of the surrounding area of Argyle. This part of the building would have a storage room that would be fire protected, a research room, a handicap accessible bathroom, and a meeting room. We currently do not have a heated room in the depot to do research or to meet. We meet in a members' homes if it is too cold.

The second half of the new building would be for displays. We currently have Argyle's first jail and a squatter's cabin sitting outside on the museum's grounds. Instead of continually working on the two artifacts and to preserve them from the elements, we will put them inside this part of the new building.

The total construction cost for the new building will be $80,000.00. This, plus the $16,300.00, brings our total construction costs to $96,300.00. We currently have $14,700.00 in our accounts. We can use $11,000.00 towards the construction. This means that we have to raise $83,300.00.

We are asking you to give a donation towards this worthy project. Please help us to preserve the history of Argyle and the surrounding area. If your donation is $100.00 or more, your name or a name that you designate in memory of, will be added to our displayed donor's plaque.

Argyle Historical Society Board Members
Charles O. LaBine, President
P. J. Schiller, Vice President
Conrad Goroski, Secretary
Rosemary Schiller, Treasurer
David St. Germain, Director



Argyle Historical Museum
Box 177
Argyle, MN 56713


I wish to make a __________gift or a_______________memorial gift to Argyle Historical Museum.

The amount of $_____________is a gift. $____________is a memorial.

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