Arthur Armand Loranger/Armeline Schiller Loranger
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Theophile Loranger/Angelique Forget        Hector Schiller/Donelda Sardiff


Family photo was taken at Warren, MN about 1940 (Back row) Floretta, Wallace, Ella May (Front row) Arthur, Robert, Carmen, and Armeline



Floretta Loranger Miksatko, Wallace Loranger, Ella Mae Loranger Mattson,

Robert Loranger, Carmen Loranger Paulson


Schiller, Armeline-Emma
Birth : 9 JAN 1894 Argyle, MN
Death : 5 MAY 1971 Thief River Falls, Pennington Co., MN
Marriage: 7 JAN 1915 in Argyle, Marshall Co., MN
Loranger, Arthur-Armand
Birth : 12 AUG 1890 Argyle, Marshall Co., MN
Death : 30 AUG 1972 Greenbush, MN
Father: Rivard, Theophile , dit Loranger
Mother: Forget-Latour, Angelique

Loranger, Floretta , (1915-1960)

Loranger, Lillian 
Birth : 21 APR 1917 Argyle, Marshall Co., MN
Death : 1921 Argyle, Marshall Co., MN

Loranger, Anonyme 
Birth : 11 NOV 1918 Argyle, Marshall Co., MN
Death : 11 NOV 1918 Argyle, Marshall Co., MN

Loranger, Wallace Norman, (1921-1991)

Loranger, Ella-Mae, (1925-2001) 

Loranger, Robert Keith 
Birth : 22 AUG 1931 Argyle, MN
Death : 16 NOV 1992 Karlstad, MN

Loranger, Carmen, (1936-2000)


The Art and Armeline Loranger Wedding (L-R) Charles Schiller, unknown, Edmund Loranger, Cecile Schiller Seated- Arthur and Armeline


Art and Armeline


Photo was taken at a family gathering about 1936 (left to Right) Floretta, Ella Mae, Arthur, baby Carmen, Armeline, Robert in front Wallace is not in this photo Art Loranger backyard gathering (L-R) Art, Carmen Loranger, Philip Myerchin, Armeline, Floretta Loranger (Front) Ella Mae Loranger, Laura Myerchin, Thomas Myerchin


Notes on Arthur Loranger

Soon after their marriage, Arthur (Art) and Armeline leased a farm, with an option to buy, west of Argyle and were successful until depressed prices, occurring during the depression of 1929-1939, forced the family to move from Argyle to Middle River, Minnesota. During the early and mid thirties, the selling price for grain and cattle in Minneapolis would not pay freight charges from Argyle. In spite of good crops, the family was forced to abandon their dream, a farm near Argyle, and move away from their extended families living in the Argyle area.

They leased the Cordis Mackie Homestead, three miles west of Middle River, where Arthur continued farming. The farm produced cattle, hay, and grains. About 1950, They purchased there own farm three miles west of Middle River on the north side of the highway opposite the Cordis Mackie Homestead. This was home for Arthur and Armeline until their deaths in the early seventies (the farm is now owned by Carmen Paulson, their daughter).

Art was exceptionally bright, articulate, generous and well liked. He was one those rare fellows who always make life worthwhile. He was quick in sizing up the personality and character of new and old acquaintances and seldom, if ever, wrong. This talent made him a sought after story teller who could weave you into the action of his tale and let you recognize, not only yourself, but your abilities (sometimes not perceived before), faults, and what might be considered to improve. He could say this in public without any personal embarrassment to the listeners.


Art "Boxing" with Unknown Person on his farm

Art was an avid naturalist and hunter who passed on his love and respect for nature to, not only his own children, but to others, myself included. Instructions in gun safety, selection, maintenance, and repair as well as hunting methods and wildlife conservation were taught by Uncle Art.


Art Loranger with his grand-daughter, Debbie, during "Hunting Season", Fall, 1961

Art's smoke house was the pride of the community. He produced the best-smoked hams, bacon, sausage and "hard tack" (a slow smoked, lean, hard sausage that when sliced thin and mixed with scrambled eggs was heaven on earth).

...Philip R Myerchin


Art and Armeline on their farm


Notes on Armeline Schiller Loranger

Armeline wasn't satisfied as a farmer's wife, especially in her later years. Being a very social person, she wanted to live in town near her friends. Eventually, she purchased a lot in Middle River, but Art couldn't imagine himself as a town person and refused to make improvements or build a house on it.


Armeline and baby Carmen

Armeline, the oldest of the "Ma Tantes," was clever, resourceful, happy (even though she never left the farm) and articulate, one of the few who hold her own debating her husband. She loved to read, sew, play cards and travel. Family and religion were her primary interests.


Loranger children with Armeline (Left to right) Robert, Armeline, Floretta, Ella May Carmen is in front

Armeline wrote a book published in Middle River on Brief Histories of Early Pioneers in Argyle, Minnesota.

...Philip R Myerchin

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