Edward Belland/Cecile Schiller Belland
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      Unknown Belland/Unknown          Hector Schiller/Donelda Sardiff


(back) Gerald, Jane, Barbara, Mark (front) Cecile, Thomas, David, Vernon, Edward



Mark Edward Belland, Gerald Vincent Belland, Norma Jane Belland,

Barbara Belland (Robertson), Thomas George Belland, Vernon Clement Belland,

David Arthur Belland


Cecile Schiller was born January 17, 1899 in Argyle, MN, and died April 19, 1983 in Thief River Falls.

She married Edward E. Belland April 25, 1933 in Argyle, MN. He was born December 16, 1903 in Lambert, MN, and died December 30, 1985 in Thief River Falls.

Children of Cecile Schiller and Edward Belland are:

Mark Edward Belland - born January 22, 1934. Married Lillian Zupich.
2 children: Kathleen, born July 16, 1963 / Diane, born November 6, 1965

Gerald Vincent Belland, born January 09, 1935 in Argyle, MN; died April 07, 1998 in Thief River Falls,. 
Married Roberta Schiefert. 2 children: Lisa Marie, born Feb 6, 1964 / Lora Denise, born Feb 13, 1965

Norma Jane Belland - born January 2, 1936. Not married

Barbara Joy Belland - born September 24, 1937. Married John Robertson
1 child, Michael born June 4, 1968

Thomas George Belland - born November 28, 1940  Married Marie Meyers
3 children: Mark Anthony, born December 23, 1961 
Marie Anthionette, born November 23, 1962 
Michelle Angelene, born January 29, 1970

Vern Clement Belland - born February 19, 1942. 

David Arthur Belland - born February 14, 1944. Married Valerie Wells, 4/26/1966. Divorced.
2 children: Shawn Pierre, born on January 23, 1967 / Sherri Monique, born on January 16, 1968
Edward Belland Family, 1979 (Back row) Thomas, Mark, Vernon, Gerald (Front row) Norma, David, Edward, Cecile, Barbara Additional Photos        Cecile's 1st Communion Cecile, a young woman Edward and Cecile


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