Mark Edward Belland/Lillian Zupich Belland
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 Edward Belland/Cecile Schiller Belland          Unknown Zupich/Unknown


Mark and Lillian Belland, July 1995



Cathleen Belland, Diane Belland, Julie Belland


Mark Edward Belland, born Jan 22, 1934

Lillian Zupich, born 19??

Married on May 12, 1962



Cathleen, born on 7/16/1963

Diane, born 11/06/1965

Julie Ann, born 2/26/1971


Back Row: Greg & Cathy, Julie, Dianna & Kelly Front Row: Georgette (6, Julie's Girl), Lillian & Mark, Miryana 14, & Mark (5), Dianna's children Christmas, 2003


Note at Christmas, 2003

I am doing something different this year by sending all a picture of the family. We got together for my Mother's 90th birthday picture. We were unable to be with them for a gathering to celebrate.

We have had quite an interesting year. Julie purchased a double wide mobile home and we helped rehab it until Mark got to feeling bad. She still has work to do but taking her time. Cathy & Greg moved in with us for 4 months til their new home was built. Their house sold when they put it up for sale and the people had 30 day close and wanted to move in so we had room. They are now getting settled in their new home and we just have our two Schnauzers, Winston & Sammy.

Mark was feeling quite bad with his breathing and chest pain and so decided to get a second opinion. Luckily he did he had an angiogram done buy a civilian doctor and discovered he had two blockages so they called in another doctor and he had angioplasty and 2 stints put In. I just brought him home yesterday the 6th of Dec. We are hoping that this will be the fixer upper. We have been sticking close to home because of appointments but hopefully this coming year will be better health wise.

We wish you all a very Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love to all,

Lillan & Mark


Mark Belland, HS Graduation


I am the eldest son of Edward and Cecile Belland. I was born January 22, 1934 in Thief River Falls, MN and spent most of my first eighteen years living there.

In December of 1952, I decided to go into the service and enlisted in the United States Army Paratroopers. My mother was not happy about my decision because the Korean Was was still going on. I never did go to Korea but spent most of my 3 years in the Army stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, with the 82nd Airborne. In January of 1965 I was discharged from the Army and spent some time living in the Los Angeles area with my brother Gerald. I returned to Thief River Falls for a short while and decided to go back into the service and I reenlisted in the Air Force. Three years of Army life had been enough for me. After a few short months of Specialty Schools I was assigned to Etain, France. This was in November of 1957 and the Russians had just launched Sputnik. The area around Etain was mostly Communist so my stay in France was not too pleasant. Lots of name calling and "yankee go home", etc. In June of 1958 luck being on my side, I received orders and was reassigned to Bitburg Air Force Base, Germany. Things got a lot better and the remainder of my tour in Europe was very enjoyable. I got to visit a lot of countries while I was there and even almost got married. But the love of my life was waiting back in the states and marriage there never happened.

Mark and Lilliam Belland Wedding, May 12, 1962

In November of 1960 I was assigned to Travis Air Force Base, California. Shortly after arriving there I met Lillian Zupich who was also stationed there and who on May 12, 1962 became my wife, for life. Our marriage has been fruitful and we have three wonderful daughters.

The eldest being Cathleen Marie, born July 16, 1963, is single, has her own house and is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force working in the Electronics field. She says she loves what she is doing and it looks like she will make a career of the Air Force, just like her dad. At present, she has just over 10 years of active duty.

The second daughter, Dianna Lynn, was born November 6, 1965 while I was serving a tour of duty in Vietnam. She was also in the Air Force as a medical technician, but decided to further her goals after he second enlistment and is presently working as a nurse in the emergency room for Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo, California. By the time this is published she will have gotten married June 24, 1995. Her new last name is Pledger and her husband's name is Kelly. They are both in love and have committed to a life time union. Dianna has a daughter, our grand daughter Maryanna Marie who is the apple of our eye. She will be six years old September 14 of this year and her new daddy loves her very much.

Our third and youngest daughter Julie Ann was born on February 26, 1971. She unfortunately was diagnosed as having a disease call Lupus and Fibromialga and was discharged from the Air Force with a disability. She is presently living on her own in an apartment and seems to be managing quite well.

The Mark Belland family is truly unique, in that our members of the family have served in the Air Force, so you might say we are a true Air Force family.

In 1965 I decided to make the Air Force a career and accepted my orders to Vietnam. This was a very hard decision because staying in the Air Force meant going off to war. But, Lillian and I reviewed our alternatives and this to us seemed to be the best way to go. Everything turned out for the best and on May 1, 1974 I retired from the Air Force with 20 years and 2 days of active duty. As of now I have been drawing my retirement pay longer than I actually served in the Armed Services. "A little of 21 years to date."

While I served in the Air Force I was a load master. I was in charge of loading passengers and cargo on the aircraft I was flying on. During my flying career I flew a little over 8000 hours in a fourteen year period. The types of aircraft I was a crew member on were 1. C-124 the Globemaster from 1961 to 1965 at Travis AFB. 2. While in Vietnam with the Air Commandos, I flew on an old 2 engine aircraft caller a C-123. These aircraft had the ability to get in and out of small airfields and were used throughout the Vietnam War. We also used there aircraft for air drops of both war materials and livestock to feed isolated Vietnamese hamlets.

Vietnam was a terrible war and I saw a lot of death and mutilation. I helped carry combat troops into the was zone and then carry their bodied out a few days later. When, I got my order to transfer out, in September of 1966 and was reassigned to Travis Air Force Base and the same squadron I had left only a year and a half before. I had rented out our house while I was gone so that turned out good for us, as we were able to move back into our house upon my return.

Things at Travis had changed, also old shaky (C-124) was gone and in it's place was a brand new jet airplane the C-141. I flew as a loadmaster on this aircraft from November 1966 to March 1971. The C-141 was the backbone of the airlift during the Vietnam War. Some of the aircraft had over 20,000 hours of flying time on them by the time I retired in 1974. On Christmas Eve of 1968 I helped carry back to the states the Pueblo Crew that had been in captivity in North Korea for almost a year. Aircraft kept getting bigger and better in the Air Force and the C-5A aircraft arrived on the scene the beginning of 1971.

I flew as a loadmaster of this aircraft from March of 1971 until I retired on May 1, 1974. At that time the C-5A was the largest aircraft in the world and was capable of carrying extremely heavy loads. On one occasion while wee were in crew rest at Yaakota, Japan we got alerted and told that we had to carry tanks to Vietnam. Four C-5A's each with 2 M-60 tanks flew to DaNang, Vietnam to assist the Marines who were about to be over run. Each one of these tanks weighed over 98,000 lbs. At that time this was the heaviest load ever carried by an aircraft.

Retirement from the Air Force was welcomed but I still look back on this career with fond memories. After I retired I purchased a truck and went into my own business. This didn't work out too well and the pipeline in Alaska had just gotten started in 1975, so I went up there for a year. I worked for a large trucking firm and in September of 1976 this job almost completed, I came back to Vacaville, Ca.

In 1977 I go a job as a trainee Building Inspector for the City of Vacaville and that started my new career. Until I retired in June of 1984, I worked as a building inspector for Vacaville twice, Suisun City, Yolo County and Contra Costa County. I went to night school at two community colleges for eight years and received on associates degree and two separate certificated in the Industrial Arts field. I liked my work and progressed from a trainee inspector to Senior Building Inspector for the City of Vacaville.

Since retiring, Lillian and I have made one big trip in our motor home and plan to enjoy many more. As depicted in our pictures our first camping tryout was a 1967 pickup with a 8.5 foot cabover camper. We love the outdoors and all our friends in our camping club and plan to continue RVing as long as our health will let us. We would like to have more addresses of friends and relatives so that we may come and visit you. Remember we have our own home on wheels and no one has to put us up.

Lillian and I, along with our three children still live in Vacaville, Ca. If anyone would like to visit us we would be glad to see you.

I didn't think a time would ever come, but in January of 1996 I will be eligible for Social Security.

....Mark Belland, 1995


Mark Belland Family, 1991 (Back row) Julie, Dianna, Cathleen (Front row) Mark, Lillian and grand daughter Miryana Marie (Dianna's daughter)
SCHILLER FAMILY TREE.PDF of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller complied by Rosemary Schiller, Argyle , MN


"The Von Schillers" by Delores Schiller LaFond

My Immigrant Ancestor-Benjamin Schiller
by Robert P. Schiller

Descendance de Thomas Goulet

"The Family Tree of Cecile Schiller Belland"


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