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Unknown Morin /Unknown       (Francois) Dolphis (Von) Schiller/ Josephine Goulet






Joseph Morin, Clara Morin, Josephine Morin, Omar Morin



The fifth child born to Dolphis and Josephine was Victoria; born on May 11, 1859. She married 18 months after her arrival in Minnesota on February 15, 1887 in her parent's home on the farm to Charles Morin, an architect and carpenter. At that time the Catholic Church was not yet established in the community. For her marriage the bride wore a black velvet blouse and white embroidered skirt. The groom wore a dark business suit.

Victoria was a pretty girl; large dark eyes, reddish auburn hair with a very light complexion. In fact, she and her two sisters, Armeline and Josephine were noted for their beauty. Victoria had no malice for anyone. She was gentle, kind and charitable to those who were sick. She would have been a good nurse if she had been trained for the profession. She was blessed in marriage. Her husband, Charles Morin made a good living for her. She in turn had a great love for him as well as her 4 children; namely, Joseph, Clara, Josephine and Omer. All married well and lived to have families of their own. Victoria and her husband have over 90 descendants. She died at the age of 57 years in Argyle, Minnesota in November 1916 of Diabetes.


JOSEPH MORIN - born March 15, 1889. Married Azelia Gooler 1/16/1912
Paul Morin - born May 5, 1921. Married Deloris Berard - -5 children
Margaret Morin - born February 12, 1923. Married Lawrence King--6 children
Charles Morin - born July 30, 1928. Married Gloria Schmitz.--5 Children

CLARA MORIN - born February 24, 1891. Married Alex Deschane 11/15/1915
Lorraine Deschane - born Sept 2, 1916. Married Ed Carsten.
4 children; John, Noel, Robert, and Victoria
Philip Deschane - born February 9, 1917. Married Libby Westman
2 children; Karen and David
Raymond Deschane - -born May 5, 1921 Married Doris Anderson
2 children; Dennis and Christopher
Noella Deschane - born December 24, 1924. Married Frank Sherman
3 children; Robert, James and John
Donald Deschane - born July 28, 1927. Married Theresa Ralph
8 children

JOSEPHINE MORIN - born August 16, 1892. Married Emery Lasha 9/2/1913
Noella Lasha - born December 25, 1914. Married Lawrence Audette
6 children; Luanne, Judith, Laurie, Theresa and Mary Jo
Robert Lasha - born January 24, 1916. Married Lorena Lacoursiere
3 children; Debra, Robert and Michelle
Clement Lasha - Born June 12, 1917. Married Bernice Vigness
1 child; Paul
Doris Lasha - born December 15, 1920. Married Leonard Goulet
12 children; Joy, Carol, John, Ronald, Victoria, Linda, Diane, Kathryn, Madonna, Michael, James,  Virginia
Phyllis Lasha - born January 26, 1928. Became a nun in the Order of St Benedict in 1946 and is called Sister Laurian

OMER MORIN - born June 7, 1894. Married Rose Moreau
Robert Morin - Married Gail Isaacson - 3 children.

...Cecila Schiller Belland, 1970


Victoria SCHILLER (AFN:134S-85C) Pedigree
Born:  11 May 1859 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec




SCHILLER FAMILY TREE.PDF of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller complied by Rosemary Schiller, Argyle , MN


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