Charles Schiller/Eva Mayotte Schiller
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Hector Schiller/Donalda Sourdif Schiller    Sinia (later called Sam) Mayotte/Mary Unknown


Charles and Eva, with two of their children: Lola and Aloise



Aloise Schiller Thompson, Lola Schiller Deroche,

Bruce Schiller, Ursula Schiller


CHARLES SCHILLER - born August 22, 1897, died 1975 and buried in Michigan

EVA MAYOTTE - born..?, died 1979 and buried in Michigan

Married on June 17, 1919.

Aloise Schiller - born June 10, 1920. 
Married Clifford Thompson
2 children:
Susie. Susie married John Fargo; 3 children

Lola Schiller - married Donald Deroche- 
5 children: 
Linda Deroche - married to James Leak - 1 son
Denise Deroche - married Stephen Willey - 1 girl
David Deroche 

Bruce Schiller - born July 1, 1931. 
Married Glenda Gehrke
3 children:

Ursula Schiller - married Dick Horton 
3 children:


Charles, before entering the service for WWI



Notes on Charles Schiller

Charles Schiller was a veteran of WWI. Shortly after leaving the Army, he married Eva Mayotte. The young family moved to Ishpeming, Michigan where work was available. Their first home was on a farmstead about 5 miles from Ishpeming. When the children left home, Charles and Eva sold their small farm and purchased a large house in Ishpeming and a "brand spanking new" car. They lived in Ishpeming until Charles's death. I remember Uncle Charlie, as very likeable, humorous, a great talker and storyteller. He loved his family and was especially proud of his children.

....Philip R Myerchin


Eva with Aloise, Bruce and Lola


Note on Charles Schiller from Linda LePak:

My name is Linda Eva LePak.  My mother was Lola M. Schiller DeRoche.  My grandparents were Charles and Eva Schiller.

Much to my delight, I discovered your web site.  The stories and photos were wonderful and gave me insight to a rich family history.  I intend to pass the address along to the rest of my family.

When I was young, Grandma nor Grandpa didn't talk much of the "good old days."  I always felt they were not so good, however, occasionally, they would talk of house parties where they rolled back the carpet and everyone danced and sang songs.  Grandpa played the fiddle.  He could also play a harmonica.  He would sit in his rocking chair, tapping his shoe to the rhythm and play beautiful and sometimes, soulful music. 

Charles Napoleon Schiller was a colorful man.  He build his own home (my brother now owns it) without engineering or math skills and minus two fingers lost in a sawmill accident.  He could use exact calculations without understanding formulas.  Despite dropping out of grade school to help work his father's farm, he taught himself to read and write.  He loved people.  He was a very hard working.  My fondest memories are of him and my father, Don DeRoche, building an upstairs addition to our home.  Although considerably younger, my father would tire and want to quit for the night.  Grandpa could work around the clock. 

My Grandmother, Eva Mayotte Schiller, was a very kind and generous woman.  She loved her family and friends.  She could make a blueberry pie like no one else.  I will always remember her wearing a full apron with mints in the pocket. 

I think the last paragraph on Charles Schiller/Eva Mayotte Schiller is incorrect .  Grandma Schiller didn't play the piano or fiddle.  Grandpa was the musical talent while Eva had a beautiful singing voice.


Note on Eva Mayotte and her Parents from Linda LePak:

Eva's father, Sinia (later called Sam) Mayotte did not play in a band nor did he play a musical instrument, although it was rumored he "tinkered" with a fiddle.  He met his wife, Mary (from France), while in Canada, married and moved to Ishpeming, Michigan.  They later moved to Argyle, Minnesota. They returned to Michigan at a later date and are buried in Harrisburg, Michigan.  Mary died first and Sam died in his late 60's or early 70's.    One story I remember was while in Argyle, Minnesota, the Mayotte family contracted a contagious illness that was spreading throughout the countryside.  One by one, their children succumbed.  It is my recollection that the children died, their bodies wrapped in rag-rugs, and were laid on the front porch to be picked up by an undertaker in a horse and wagon.  Eventually, Sam became ill.  As Mary lay down, completely worn out and exhausted, she heard Sam say "Mary, the candle caught the curtains on fire."  Her response: "I'll get up in just a minute and put it out."  Sam recovered and Mary and Sam went on to have a "second" family.  Eva and her siblings were born. 

Eva left home at age 16 to work at a factory in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It is rumored, for a time, she dated a professional baseball player.  While visiting Eva at the Mayotte home, natured called and the baseball player went to use the "outhouse."  Horrified there was no paper, he  used a one dollar bill to wipe himself.  Eva's family threatened to search for that one dollar bill for many months. 


Linda LePak, March, 2004


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