Dennis Corbid/June Ann Myerchin Corbid

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Unknown Corbid/Unknown        John E Myerchin, Jr/Marie Filipy Myerchin




Jill Denise Corbid, Jacqueline Marie Corbid, James William Corbid


June Ann Myerchin, born June 20, 1942

Dennis Michael Corbid, born on Mar 21, 1941

Married on May 27, 1961



. Jill Denise born Apr 6, 1962 
 Married Bruce Greenwood on Jun 26,1982 
Bruce Greenwood born Jan 20,1959 
* Diana Marie born Jan 18, 1984 
* James Robert born Jan 7,1987 
Home is Menomamie, Wisconsin 

. Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" born Aug 25, 1963 
Married Jack Knopp on Feb 27. 1982 
Jack Knopp born May 13, 1962 
Children: . 
* Kaylyn Denise born Aug 26.1982 
* Tassie Marie born Jun 3, 1985 
* Peter John born Jul 6, 1987 
(Adopted Special Needs) Children: 
* Adam born Aug 28, 1992 
* Andrew born Dee 13, 1997 
Home is Owatonna, Minnesota 

. James William born Jun 29. 1967 
Married Nancy King on Oct 16,1993 
Nancy King born Jul 3, 1968 
* Olivia Ann born Oct 15, 1995 
* Aly Marie born Jun 8, 1998 
* Expecting #3 in Oct 2001 
Home is East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Denny and I have lived in East Grand Forks all of our lives except for the years 1972-1975, when we lived in Fosston, Minnesota. We both graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic High School in East Grand Forks. We were high school sweethearts. He was the macho quarterback, but alas, I was not the beautiful cheerleader. Denny entered barber school and in 1972, he bought a shop in Fosston, Minnesota. in 1975, he quit the barbering business and we moved back to East Grand Forks, where he was employed by "The Brothers" mobile home sales company. In 1978, he suffered a heart attack, and underwent heart surgery in 1980. In 1987, Denny received a heart transplant.

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