(Francois) Dolphis (Von) Schiller/ Josephine Goulet

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Albert (Von) Schiller/Marie (Sophie) Dagenias      Joseph Goulet/Julie Tapin


Dolphis Schiller



Josephine II Schiller, Dolphis II Schiller, Georgene Schiller, Theophile Schiller

Victoria Schiller, Hector Schiller, Alfred Schiller, Armeline Schiller,

Josephine Schiller, Leon Schiller



(Francois) Dolphis Schiller, born May 11, 1827 in Maskinonge, QC, died November 2, 1917

Josephine Goulet, born September 24, 1824 in Trois-Rivieres, QC, died December 3, 1918

Married: August 4, 1851 in St Maurice, Quebec



Born:  Abt. 1851 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec
Died:  Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec

Born:  Abt. 1855 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec
Died:  Sep 1891 Place:  , , Minnesota

Josephine SCHILLER (AFN:134S-896)
Born:  20 Mar 1867 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec

Theophile SHILLAIRE (AFN:134S-845)
Born:  Apr 1853 Place:  , , French Canada

Hector SCHILLER (AFN:134S-86K) Pedigree
Born:  11 Apr 1861 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec
Died:  23 Dec 1932 Place: 

Alfred SCHILLER (AFN:134S-87R) Pedigree
Born:  30 Apr 1862 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec
Died:  27 Apr 1942 Place: 

Armeline SCHILLER (AFN:134S-880) Pedigree
Born:  9 May 1865 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec
Died:  1902 Place:  St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota

Victoria SCHILLER (AFN:134S-85C) Pedigree
Born:  11 May 1859 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec

Leon SCHILLER (AFN:134S-8BD) Pedigree
Born:  11 May 1868 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec

Dolphis SCHILLER II (AFN:134S-82Q) Pedigree
Born:  11 Jul 1853 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec
Died:  1891 Place:  , , Minnesota

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SCHILLER, Dolphis Von was born May 11,1827, and was the son of Albert Von Schiller and Marie Daganias of Maskinonge, Quebec. He married Josephine Goulet (born September 14, 1829 at Trois Rivieris. Quebec) on August 4, 1851. at St. Maurice. Canada.

Ten children were born to this union, all in St. Maurice. Dolphis, his wife Josephine, and six of their ten children immigrated to Groverdale, Connecticut in 1875, where they worked in the woolen mills for ten years.

In 1885, they moved on west, arriving in Argyle on July 3. Here they bought a farm located on the NE1/4 of Section one in Bloomer Township. This was a 240 acre farm, complete with buildings, farm animals. machinery, and a planted crop. The house of eight rooms was fully furnished. This farm is still in the Schiller family. Dolphis passed it on to his son Leon, who in turn passed it on to his son, Phillip, whose son P.J., along with his wife, Rosemary, and their children (fifth generation) now reside there.

Children of Dolphis and Josephine were:

Josephine, who died in infancy;

Dolphis, Jr. (born in 1851), who died in 1891;

Georgene, who married Jude Richard in Canada;

Theophile,. who married Louise Fortier in Massachusetts;

Victoria (born in 1859). who married Charles Morin;

Hector (born in 1861). who married Donalda Sourdif;

Alfred (born in 1862), who died in 1943;

Armeline (born in 1865), who married John Laramie;

Josephine (born in1867) , who married George Charboneau;

Leon (born in 1868) to married Alice Heon. Alice passed away in Argyle on August 26, 1947.


Dolphis passed away in Argyle on November 2. 1917, at the age of 90. Josephine died December 3, 1918.

.....Argyle Centennial Book


SCHILLER. Alfred was the son of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller. He was born on April 30. 1862. He always lived with his parents. and later he lived with his brother Leon and his family. His occupation was carpentry. He died at the age of 81 on May 2. 1943.

...Argyle Centennial Book


Dolphis was my paternal grandfather. He was born May 11, 1827 in Maskinonge, Quebec and died November 2, 1917 at the age of 90 year. Dolphis had a good upbringing by his parents. He was not permitted to indulge in any hard work before the age of 16. It was his father's philosophy that his two sons were well developed and ready to meet the future with strong bodied as well as minds.

As I remember my Grandfather Schiller, he was about 5'10" in height and perhaps 180 lbs, with blond hair, blue eyes and very light completion. Handsome in spite of his old age. He was an honorable man, a masterpiece; kind and just to all be it friend or foe. Honest in all dealings, upright with his fellow men. Had the respect of his family as well as all who knew him. He was a hand wood carver by trade and could hew anything in line of lumber was a hand axe to perfection. At the age of 24 he married Josephine Goulet, age 22 on August 4, 1851 in St Maurice, Canada. Through the years 10 children were born, all in St Maurice, Canada.

My Grandmother, Josephine Goulet Schiller was born on September 24, 1829 in Tres Revieres, Quebec, Canada. She was tall, stately and well shaped with dark brown eyes, black hair and very fair completion. A pretty woman was my father's recollection of his mother. Distinguished, vain, willful and proud. Partial to herself and family only. She was a skillful cook and could converse eloquently with anyone. I do not know too much about her father, Albert Goulet. They were a large family; Josephine the eldest. Her mother, Olive Tapin Goulet was intelligent as well as beautiful. It was said many times she could hold an audience spell-bound with tales, either sad or humorous. She fabricated fictitious tales as she went along. Adults as well as children were enchanted in her fables. She told them with fantasy and fitness.

Dolphis and Josephine and six of the younger children left Canada in 1875 to make their new home in the United States. They settled in Groverdale, Connecticut where he and the children immediately went to work in the woolen factories. As I recall my father saying so many times, "They were in God's Country". Money was coming in every day. The family were all together and they were happy to have the privilege of working, although the pay and conditions were not as good as they are today.

Dolphis was a supervisor of his section in the factory and the older children were weavers on the mills. Throughout the 10 years of their stay in the East, they amassed quite a sum of money which they were saving to move West and buy land.

On July 3, 1885 they arrived in Argyle, Minnesota, a small village where they bought a farm of 160 acres. It was equipped with horses, cows, pigs, machinery and the necessary equipment. The frame house of 8 rooms was fully furnished. This is where my father and his brothers and sisters made their home and to this day, the farm is still in the Schiller Family. My Grandfather's great, great, grandson, Philip, Jr resides there with his wife Rosemary and their 8 children; Clark, Leon, Fred, Hector, Daniel, Dolphis, and 3 girls, Lana Rae, Rose Marie and Evette. Three children were still born.

...Cecila Schiller Belland, 1970


Hector Schiller's father:

* ID: I301
* Name: Dolphis Von SCHILLER
* Sex: M
* Birth: 11 MAY 1827 in Maskinonge, Quebec
* Change Date: 7 JAN 2002

Father: Albert Von SCHILLER
Mother: Marie DAGANAIS b: in Maskinonge, Quebec

Marriage 1 Josephine GOULET b: 14 SEP 1829

* Married: 4 AUG 1851 in St Maurice, Canada

1. Hector SCHILLER b: 11 APR 1861


Hector Schiller's Mother:

* ID: I1415
* Name: Josephine GOULET
* Sex: F
* Birth: 14 SEP 1829 in Trois-Rivieres, Lower Canada
* Change Date: 4 FEB 2000

Father: Joseph GOULET
Mother: Julie TAPIN

Marriage 1 Dolphis von SHILLIARE


1. Armeline SHILLIARE(SCHILLER) b: 9 MAY 1865 in St. Maurice, Canada
2. Theophile SHILLIARE
3. Georgine SHILLIARE
4. Josephine SHILLIARE
5. Dolphis SHILLIARE
6. Marie Victoria SHILLIARE
9. Josephine (2) SHILLIARE

Source: www. ancestry.com


SCHILLER FAMILY TREE.PDF of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller complied by Rosemary Schiller, Argyle , MN


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