Donald Bailey/JudyAnn Kresl Bailey

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Frederick Bailey/Blanche Lyons Bailey         William Kresl/Clara Dorothy Myerchin Kresl




Thomas Michael Bailey, Diane Lynn Bailey,

Brent Donald Bailey, Scott Allen Bailey




Judy Ann Kresl, born May 19, 1942

Donald Bailey, born April 9, 1940

Married on May 25, 1963



Thomas Michael, born 2/6/1964

Diane Lynn, born 1/17/1965

Brent Donald, born on 12/30/1965

Scott Allen, born 8/30/1970


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Notes on Children:

Thomas Michael was married to Julie Ane Phillips Bailey on December 31, 1989.

Their children are Colleen Anne Bailey, and Daniel Patrick Bailey.


Diane Lynn Campbell,

Her sons are Cory Nicholas Campbell and Benjamin Jacob Campbell.


Brent Donald was married to Kerry Bliss on January 13, 1995.

Judy Ann Kresl Bailey, 5/2005


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