Donald DeRoche/Lola Schiller DeRoche
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Unknown DeRoche/Unknown    Charles N Schiller/Eva Mayotte Schiller




Linda DeRoche, Denise Deroche, Daniel DeRoche

Donald DeRoche, David DeRoche



Notes from Linda LePak, daughter of Donald and Lola Schiller DeRoche, March 2004

My beloved mother, Lola, died 18 May 1998, of heart disease, and is buried in Ishpeming. She enjoyed playing her guitar and had a beautiful singing voice. Her family was very important to her. She never ventured far from her parents and spent most of her life living within a mile from them.

My father, Donald L. DeRoche, is 80 years old and doing very well.

Denise DeRoche married Steven Willey from Ishpeming, MI 
and has 4 children: Jacqueline Willey ,Stephen Willey, Jr. , Christopher Willey and Brian J. Willey  
all living in Michigan 
Denise is married to Pat LaFave and lives in Marquette, MI.

Daniel DeRoche married with 2 sons:  Charles and Daniel

Donald (Chet) is married with 2 children, Rebecca and Donald. He lives in Michagamme, MI.

David, is married with 2 children, David and Ashley. He lives in Ishpeming, residing in Charlie Schiller's home.

Linda, am married to James LePak from Milwaukee, WI and we live in Toney, AL. Both of our 2 children, James and Samantha, live near Seattle, WA.

Linda DeRoche married James A. LePak (parents Joseph and Gwendolyn) from Milwaukee, WI and has TWO children
James Donald LePak (born January 1970) and Samantha Eve LePak (April 1977) both living in Seattle, Washington

What a GREAT web site. Thank you so much for your efforts. I've contacted Charlie Schiller's youngest daughter, Ursula and son, Bruce, and passed along the web address.

I have some old photos at home (I'm at work right now) and I'll see if I can't get them scanned. Please stay in touch.



Note from Samantha Eve LePak:

I was reviewing the Schiller family tree. Charles Schiller is my great grandfather. I am the daughter of Linda DeRoche and James A. LePak. Anyhow, while reviewing, I noticed the error in my last name, as well as the fact that I'm not of record. I have an older brother James D. LePak, who was born Jan. 18, 1970 and myself, born April 5, 1977.
Neither of us have any children yet. My brother is married to Heidi Lynn Dexter from Massachusettes and I am still single.

Just wanted to help you out :)


Samantha Eve LePak (My middle name is derived from Eva Schiller), March 2004

SCHILLER FAMILY TREE.PDF of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller complied by Rosemary Schiller, Argyle , MN


My Immigrant Ancestor-Benjamin Schiller
by Robert P. Schiller

Descendance de Thomas Goulet

"The Family Tree of Cecile Schiller Belland"


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