Donald Kotrba/Merece Myerchin Kotrba

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Weneslaus Joseph Kotrba/Barbara Minarik        John E Myerchin, Jr/Marie Filipy Myerchin


Merece and Donald Kotrba on Wedding Day Jun 21, 1949


Karen Marie Kotrba, John Raymond Kotrba, Mark Donald Kotrba, Patricia Sue Kotrba,

Donna Merece Kotrba, Gloria Ann Kotrba, Phyllis Joy Kotrba


Merece Dorothy Myerchin, born on June 5, 1928, died Nov 7, 1983 of Nephritis

Donald Frank Kotrba, born on Aug 5, 1928

Married on June 21, 1949



Karen Marie, born 7/2/1950

John Raymond, born 12/6/1952

Mark Donald, born 5/9/1954

Patricic Sue, born 6/6/1955

Donna Merece, born 9/23/1958

Gloria Ann, born 8/26/1961

Phyllis Joy, born 12/12/1962, died 5/28/1963


Note of August 2005:

Parents of Donald: Weneslaus Joseph  Kotra, born: 9/4/1880   Died: 2/25/64
                                       Barbara Katherine Minarik, born: 1/31/1886   Died: 6/4/63
 Current Spouse:  Florence M. Kotrba  (Opdahl Teters)
  Married: 4/29/88




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