Douglas Joseph West

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Dale West/Henrietta Myerchin West    




Katie Ann West

 Douglas Joseph born Apr 19, 1963

* Katie Ann born Oct 10, 1995 Katie Ann West born Oct 10, 1995 
Katie passed away on Oct 2?, 1996 
Katie's Age: 1 Year, 0 Months, + Days . 
Katie buried in Sunnywood Garoens Cemetery, Grand Forks, ND 
Home is Grand Forks, North Dakota . 


Note from Douglas West, March, 2004

It was interesting to find this site in a Sherlock Search checking rankings to a site I have up which ended in search engines sniffed out by bots. My daughter Katie Ann West who died tragically has some interesting new discoveries and developments that are more shocking than most people could even imagine, and there are now legalities being prepared and a book deal to boot. If you are interested in details about Katie and any photos, please feel free to write back and ask anything you want, but the book will be more shocking and truth revealing than most any book ever published. I did notice on the Myerchin site a bit about our West Family history, and thank you for mentioning my little angel Katie on the site, it's nice to hear people mention her more and more, and she is slowly but surely becoming a well known and high profile little girl. One thing I thought to update you with about myself was information on education. I did attend NDSSS briefly as mentioned, and like my Uncle Ernie Myerchin who passed away roughly one year ago, I was an active musician for years even throughout college and beyond. But from the Fall of 1987 through Spring of 1992, I attended the University of North Dakota and graduated with a B.A. in Advertising and a Minor in Visual Arts.

Shortly after I was employed at the Grand Forks Herald for 5 years as a Marketing Projects Coordinator and left for health reasons and to pursue more information about the death of my daughter Katie Ann West. The situation was beyond devastating and literally destroyed certain health conditions beyond repair, but after all these years over a few events, new discoveries led to a lengthy investigation with results that does shock those who hear about it, and will shock millions when the book is eventually published. I started with the Grand Forks Herald in September of 1992, just after a 3 month position with a smaller publication, and left there October 31, 1997. There are more specifics about little Katie too, with her being born October 5, 1995, and dying October 27, 1996, and anything else you would like to know can be provided. I'm going to show this site to my parents because they will be excited, especially my Mother, she loves things like that and is so proud of her Myerchin family. She is most likely having a heart procedure performed this coming week so hopefully I will show her this site before even seeing the Doctor on Monday.

Please feel free to update this information about my daughter Katie and myself if you wish, and write back with any questions. The recent discoveries about her death are shocking beyond belief with legalities just getting started. Thus far, the Grand Forks County Coroner finally resigned last September, 4 months after I presented information to the County Commission. Shortly after that I met with University of North Dakota President, Charles Kupchella, and it seems this recently resigned County Coroner is having difficulty finding a facility to practice any longer. His contract was not renewed at the UND Family Practice Center which ends June 30, 2004, and before then I'm filing a formal complaint with the Medical Review Board anyway. Hopefully he will never be allowed near a medical facility, morgue, funeral home, or cemetery again with what's been discovered.

Take Care and Thanks,

Douglas J. West
Grand Forks, ND 58201-4665

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