Emil Frank Kresl-Lillian Helen Myerchin Kresl

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Joseph V Kresl, Mary Capek        John Myerchin/Dorothy Vanyo Myerchin



Doris Kresl Norell, Dellas Kresl, Ronald Kresl

William Kresl, Rita Kresl Michaletz


Lillian Helen Myerchin Kresl, born December 26, 1907, died July 21, 1989.

Emil Frank Kresl, born June 25, 1903, died December 10, 1974


Doris Jean Kresl Norell, 7/11/1928

Dellas Emil Kresl, born 9/4/1930

Ronald Jerome Kresl, born 3/29/1932

William Robert Kresl, born 8/5/1934, died 4/12/1978

Rita Clare Kresl Michaletz, 10/17/1935


Ronald Kresl, William Kresl, Dellas Kresl

Doris Kresl Norell, Emil and Lillian, Rita Kresl Michaletz


Lillian Myerchin and Emil Kresl were married at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Tabor, Minnesota on October 26, 1926. We moved to a farm in North Dakota, just five miles from Grand Forks. It was beautiful location, but very bad buildings. We lived there only two years. Our next move was to Grand Forks where Emil was able to get on the police force, staying for seventeen years. He resigned as a Police Lieutenant in 1941.

We bought the 115 Club, later know as the Riviera Lounge and Restaurant. Emil retired in 1970 after selling the business to Odo Trudell.

Lillian made her home at 2014 Chestnut Street in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

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