Frank P Sirek-Theodora (Dorothy) Myerchin Sirek

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John Myerchin/Dorothy Vanyo Myerchin        Jacob James Sirek/Anna Marie Veseli Sirek

Married November 18, 1913



Francis J Sirek, Edward J Sirek, Cyril F Sirek,

Dennis J Sirek, Helen Sirek Daniel




Theodora (Dorothy) Myerchin, born October 13, 1893, died ...?

Frank P Sirek, born October 25, 1891, died December 11, 1961


Francis J Sirek, born 5/13/1915, died 3/1/1963

Edward Jacob Sirek, born 5/26/1917

Cyril F Sirek, born 6/9/1927

Dennis J Sirek, born 3/15/1932

Helen Sirek Daniel, 8/25/1933


Dorothy and Frank Sirek were married on November 18,1913. One of their sons, Francis J, was ordained a Catholic priest on May 4, 1943. The other four chldren are married and have families.

Pribula-Myerchin Family History


Photo of Frank & Dorothy Sirek was taken at the wedding of Dennis & Doris Sirek on Oct. 4th 1958.

Francis with his GrandFather John M Myerchin Jr, taken in Tabor, Minnesota, 1943




Tabor, MN History

Tabor,MN Centennial

Tabor Church Centennials

Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, MN

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