Gene J Myerchin/Evelyn Chumrau Myerchin

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Joseph Myerchin/Matilda Huderle Myerchin    Unknown Chumrau/unknown




Gene J. Myerchin, born Feb 28, 1928, died ??

Evelyn Rose Chumrau, born March 1, 1931

Married June 3, 1983


Gene graduated from Alvarado High School in 1944 and fron the University of North Dakota in 1954 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He has worked and traveled in most of the States, and also in many foreign countries, pursuing his career in the Air Pollution Control Industry.

He married Evelyn Chumrau , she was a widow, and formerly Evelyn Dvorak, daughter of Henry Dvorak of Pisek, North Dakota. He has four stepchildren; Chris, Susan, Tim, and Denise Chumrau.

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I am Denise Chumrau, one of Gene Myerchin's stepchildren. I was excited to find the web sight and learn more about the Myerchin clan. We all attended Gene's funeral in Tabor and met many of the relatives. My Mom is going in June for Clara's Birthday. Evelyn's name is CHUMRAU and she was born 3/01/31. It was nice that she and Gene's birthdays were one day apart.
Take care,
Denise , May, 2003




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