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Unknown Charboneau /Unknown       (Francois) Dolphis (Von) Schiller/ Josephine Goulet





Emma Charboneau, Norman Charboneau, Stella Charboneau,

Leon Charboneau, Arthur Charboneau



Josephine Schiller, the ninth child, was born March 20, 1867. She was tall, shapely, blond with blue eyes and fair skin. She possessed beauty and had sophistication. She dressed with good taste--the fashion of the day. Was agressive and proud, outspoken, easily provoked, conceited and quick to speak her mind. Also could be alluring, charming with hauteur. Had good morals and pious quality. She was a excellent cook. Knew how to make delicacies and appetizing foods and would set a table with grace and charm.

Ambitious and determined, pride was her downfall. She an arrogant person--would choose only the better class of people for her associates and ignored those who were less fornunate. The exalutation she held for herself brought her bitter sorrow. The beautiful romance between she and her lover never materialized. He a Canadian; tall, hadsome, blond, blue eyed man. Courteous, refined, educated with good manners. Held a good assoication in the community and with the local merchants. Precisely what she and her family wanted for a husband and in-law. Their courtship, full of beauty and charm, love for one another, was not meant for them. He proposed marriage and she accepted with joy. Was happy she had woed and won the most eligible man in the community. All was planned for their wedding, which was to be elaborate in style and grandeur. All was chosen; their home, furnishings and so forth. However, the marriate never materialized. Because of her pride she refused to go to Montreal for their honeymoon on the pretext that she was not educated and would make blunders among his people so she urged him to go alone to take care of his business dealings before their weeding. He in turn begged her to make it their honeymoon and the happiest time of their lives. However, he being meek and submissive, gave way to her wished and left alone for his native land in Canada with the hope and desire to return to his beloved.

He was greeted with a grand welcome by his mother and former girlfriend. What happened after that, Josephine never knew. He wrote to tell her their love had come to an end and wished her happiness in the future. He never returned. It was the saddest day of her life. Her heart was broken with regret and remorse of what could have been.

Two years later she met a dark, tall man; a saloon-keeper, George Charboneau who also fell in love with her and she accepted his proposal of marriage. They were married April 6, 1891, six weeks after they had met. This union was not a happy one as in her heart there was always a regret for her lost love.

To this union five children were born:
EMMA CHARBONEAU - first born. Died in infancy

NORMAN CHARBONEAU - born December 15, 1895. Married Katherine Schmitz
1 child: Robert Charboneau - Married, 3 children

STELLA CHARBONEAU - born August 5, 1897. Married Harold Provencher
2 children: Josephine Provencher - born May 22, 1921. Become a nun in the St Joseph Order.Took the name of Sister Floraine.
Lane Provencher - Married - 3 children

LEON CHARBONEAU - born November 6, 1901. Married a widow with 1 child. No children of his own.

ARTHUR CHARBONEAU - born April 13, 1903. Never Married. Died August 1936.

...Cecila Schiller Belland, 1970


Josephine SCHILLER (AFN:134S-896)
Born:  20 Mar 1867 Place:  St. Maurice, Quebec



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