George W. Gust/Julia Pribula Gust

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Unknown Gust/Unknown       John and Mary Myerchin Pribula



Julia Pribula, born February 15, 1903

-M- June 27, 1923

George W. Gust, June 29, 1899





Margaret Mary, born 6/27/1924

Joseph Jacob, born 2/20/1926, died 1/4/1986

Mary Jean, born 9/15/1927

Gerard Majella, born 11/20/1931

Robert Peter, born 5/19/1933

Timothy Clarence, born 1/24/1939

Philip George, born 7/12/1944




Margaret Mary, Joseph Jacob, Mary Jean,

Gerard Majella, Robert Peter, Timothy Clarence, Philip George



George and I were married June 27, 1923 in Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Tabor, Minnesota by Father John Berger. We lived with Georae's parents for two and one-half years. Our first wedding anniversary gift was a beautiful baby girl, we named her Margaret Mary.

We had our house built in the summer of 1925 and moved here October 23, 1925. We had very little furniture, we bought a new majestic cook stove and a table. I got a used bed, rocker and a few chairs from my father and we also got three new chairs for a wedding gift from my godmother Mrs Charley Miller, so that was all the furniture we had. I used awash-board and tub to wash our clothes. My kitchen cabinet was a work bench, which the carpenters used while they were building our house. George put a shelf in the middle of it where I stored my few pots and pans. I hung a curtain in front and it was quite nice. I set my dishes on top and I got along pretty well with this for quite a Iong time. Then later George built a cabinet with two doors on the bottom and three shelves on top and I had a curtain in the front of the shelves where I had my dishes.

All our children except Tim and Philip were born in our home on the farm. Tim and Philip were born in St. Michael's Hospital in Grand Forks, North Dakota. . My brother Joseph Pribula and his wife Anna, which was George's sister, were Godparents for all our children except Philip. His Godparents are his sister Margaret and his brother Joseph. Our children were baptized in Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Tabor. They attended the country grade school about a mile from our home, and all graduated from Sacred Heart High School in East Grand Forks. Margaret became a teacher. she taught several years, then entered Mount St. Benedict Convent in Crookston. She is now Sisler Cornelia and was the Prioress for eight years. Mary Jean also entered the convent at the same time and is now Director of all the schools in the Diocese of Crookston. Joe served in the Navy in the second World War, he lives in Edina. Betty Ann is a Registered nurse, and resides in California. Gerard served in the Air Force, Robert is a Lawyer, he also was in the service, as an officer in the Navy, at present he is in the Navy Reserves as Commander. Tim is a Physiologist in Boston where he works with brain damaged people. Philip was in the Navy as an officer, 1ives in Glendale, California and has worked several years with a travel agency.

AIl our children are doing well and George and I celebrated our sixty-second wedding anniversary June 27, 1985. We still live in our home on our small farm Northeast of East Grand Forks, Minnesota. We have traveled to many places to visit our children.

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