George Pribula/Lela Mae Fulgham Pribula

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George, born 4/22/1898, died 3/6/1958

Married: January 16, 1935


Lela Mae 1958

George was born and raiseld in Northland Township. East Grand Forks, Minnesota. As a young man he was employed in road construction work with S.G. Enebak of Warren, Minnesota. Later he was employed by Caterpillar Comp!any at Peoria, Illinois, first in the factory and then as salesman. During the construction of the Fort Peck Dam in Montana and the Ogallala Dam in Nebraska he was an operator of heavy machinery.

He moved to Greeley, Colorado in 1944 and started his own land leveling south of Gilcrest. Colorado. He continued his land leveling business.

George married Lela Mae Fulgham in Turceloona, Alabama, and they made their home in Colorado. George died in 1958 and is buried at Platteville, Colorado. Lela Mae still lives in Greeley, Colorado.


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