Harry Roseberg/Roslyn Gutter Roseberg


David Roseberg/Cecelia Brooker Roseberg        Samuel Gutter/Anna Kraus Gutter




Roni Roseberg, Naomi Sue Roseberg


Harry Gerson Roseberg (Naomi Myerchin's father) was born in Kielce, Poland, on December 16, 1912 to David Roseberg (b. April, 1885 d. 1965) and Cecelia Brooker Roseberg (b. August, 1894 [?] d. 1977.) His mother's first name was later translated to Tillie; that is how she is buried. Her family nickname was Chesha, although with translation from Polish, the spelling is not certain. Similarly, the last name Roseberg, was an Americanization of Wransberg, or Wronsberg, again the spelling is not certain. Harry and his parents and two younger sisters lived about 6 years in Canada (Toronto, briefly, and Montreal) and then settled in Cleveland, Ohio where he met Roz.

Roslyn Gail Gutter Roseberg (Roz) was born September 7, 1919. She was the fourth of five surviving children of Samuel Gutter (b. 1880 d. 1950) and Anna Kraus Gutter (b. 1890 d. 1961) both of whom were born in the same region near Krakow as Harry, but at the times of their birth it was Austria since the borders were changed.


Joseph and Sarah Rebecca Kraus Family, photo about 1908 (Children from left to right) Anna, Samuel, Rachel, Francis, Jack , Helen Naomi Roseberg Myerchin's maternal great grandparents Anna was her maternal grandmother.


Samuel Gutter , 18 years old, in 1898 as he prepared for the Spanish American War Samuel Gutter was Naomi Roseberg Myerchin's maternal grandfather



Anna Gutter Sam and Anna Gutter


Samuel and Anna Gutter, about 1944


Harry Roseberg, photo taken about 1944 in England


Harry Roseberg and his parents, Cecelia and David Roseberg May, 1950

Her parents immigrated around 1891 as they were from the same extended family, but they did not meet until they were adults. They were married in 1910 and lived in New York and Cleveland.


Roz as Toddler, about 2 years old


Roz, center, with sister Shirley and Brother Daniel


Harry and Roz grew up in the same Cleveland Heights neighborhood but did not meet until January, 1942. After high school and trade school, she became a beautician. He was a flour salesman but she thought he meant "flower" when they met, and thought it very romantic. They were married March 29, 1942, but after only three weeks, he was drafted. He spent two years as a reconnaissance photographer in England. After the war they had a daughter, Roni, August 27, 1947, in Cleveland, then settled in 1950 in Los Angeles where his family lived. Naomi was born on July 9, 1951. In 1958 the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Harry and Roz opened a furniture business there, but it did not do very well. They moved again to San Diego in 1960, and back to L.A. in 1963. Roz became the secretary of Westland School, a private elementary, in 1964. It was a long, and rewarding job, from which she retired in 1986. During this time, Harry continued as a furniture store owner and salesman, but he was always a tinkerer. He successfully developed an electronic pill counter for small pharmacy use in the mid 70's and that was his business until his death. (There is a short article in "Time" about this, 8/77.)


Harry and Roz, shortly before his death in 1984



The following poem was written by Roz for her writing class. It describes her relationship with Harry, her husband. The poem was also recited at her memorial reception on June 29, 2003.

Take My Hand

"Take my hand," You said
as we trudged through the snow
on a crispy, starlit night.
I put my hand in your gloved one
and you put them both in your pocket.

"Take my hand," you said
As we left the altar
and our families and friends beamed at us.

"Take my hand," you said
as we walked up the aisle
in the darkened theater.
I did and got the message
that our first daughter
was on the way to being born.

There were so many other times
when you offered your strong hand
to comfort,
to ease,
to lend strength,
to love.

Then as you lay in a deep coma
I whispered in your ear,
"Take my hand."
You didn't hear me
but I took your hand again.


Harry Roseberg died in January, 1984 and Roz died June 20, 2003. Both Roni and Naomi graduated from UCLA. After a variety of work, they are now both teachers. Roni has two sons, Benjamin (b. March 16, 1977) and Aaron (b. September 15, 1981). Naomi married Bill Myerchin on November 28,1981 and they live in the Inland area east of Los Angeles with their children, Laura and Alex.


Roni Roseberg, Roslyn, Naomi Roseberg Myerchin, May 2001


Aaron Wong, Alex Myerchin, Roz, Laura Myerchin, Benjamin Wong "The Grandkids"-May, 2001

Memorial Service
Roslyn G. Roseberg (1919-2003)

Hillside Memorial Park
Los Angdes, California

June 29, 2003

Jewish Prayer in Memory of a Mother
Creator of the universe, remember the soul of my beloved
mother whom I recall in this solemn hour:
I remember with deep reverence and affection the solicitude
with which she tended and watched over me,
ever mindful of my welfare, ever anxious for my happiness.
Many were the sacrifices she made
in order to ennoble my heart and instruct my mind.
May her soul be bound up in the bonds of etemal life
and her memory forever be a blessing.


Officiating Rabbi-Neil Comess-Daniels
of Temple Beth Shir Sholom

Ken Tye, former director of Westland School
Ellie Katzman, friend


Note on Roslyn Gutter Roseberg

Roslyn Gutter Roseberg was born in Cleveland, Ohio on 9/7/19 in the middle of the great influenza epidemic, to Anna and Sam Gutter, immigrants from Crakow. She was one of 6 children, 5 of whom survived to adulthood. Her childhood presented a number of hardships, including the Great Depression of the 30's, but a warm family life and her mother's ability to create a whole meal from a few ingredients compensated for this.

Roz graduated high school and, encouraged by her father, went to cosmetology school. She became a hair stylist and worked at this for several years.

In 1942, she met and married Harry Roseberg. Very soon afterward he shipped out for military service during WWII. He was overseas for 2 years. A few years after his return they started a family. Roni was born in Cleveland in 1947. Roz and Harry decided to move to California in 1951, making the cross-country trip by car. Naomi, the family's first Californian was born soon afterward.

Roz dedicated the next 7 years to being a stay-at-home Mom and became involved with the school PTA. Then she joined Harry in opening furniture stores in California and Arizona, complementing his woodworking skills with her abilities in bookkeeping and public relations.

In 1964, Roz joined had the good fortune to be employed by Westland School. What started as a job became a lifestyle. The creative environment allowed Roz to indulge her love of children and her love of education. It was a perfect match. Roz was always reliable whether coordinating the office, putting out a newsletter or putting a band-aid on a small knee. Roz worked at Westland for 23 years until she retired for health reasons. She was delighted when grandson Aaron became a Westlander. Among her possessions were 23 years' worth of treasured cards, kids' drawings and mementos from Westland. Roz maintained close ties with her lifelong friends from Westland.

In 1984 Harry died. They had been married for 42 years. He lived to see 3 grandchildren born. After his death, one more grandson, Alex, was born. Nothing meant more to Roz than her 4 grandchildren, Ben, Aaron, Laura and Alex. In retirement, but still active, Roz spent time with these special people and special friends. She volunteered at Temple, helping to coordinate 13 years of seder dinners.

Roz loved her writing class at Emeritus College; there were never enough superlatives in her vocabulary to describe her Saturday classes. She enjoyed and treasured her women's craft group and piling up the points playing Scrabble. She also enjoyed travel, theater and dinners out with friends. No sushi was safe when she was around. Despite numerous medical problems over the years, Roz persisted on, uncomplaining, and always interested in others. She had a smile and a kind word for everyone. She was a woman of valor.

Roz led a full, loving life. Her legacy to us is her compassion. Her daughters and grandchildren would like to acknowledge those who enriched and prolonged Roz's life and cared for her, including her fellow Emeritus students, former coworkers and Westland families, doctors, senior residency members, extended family, and many friends.

....Roni Roseberg, June, 2003

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