Auguste Jean (Johan) Benjamin (Von) Schiller/

Marguerite HEBERT dit LENOIR

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Christian Schiller/Elizabeth Rhodin     Pierre HEBERT dit LENOIR/Marguerite DEGUIRE dit LAROSE DESROSIERS


Jean (Johan) Benjamin (Von) Schiller, born Abt 1757 in Koningsberg, Prussia, died 8 June 1835
Burial: 10 Jun 1835 Place: MASKINONGE, MASKINONGE CTY, QC


Marguerite HEBERT dit LENOIR, born February 19, 1764 in Yamaska, Quebec, Canada



Marie Marguerite Schiller, born 5/20/1784, Yamaska, s. 15 AOÛ 1784, YAMASKA,ST-MICHEL,YAMASKA,QUE CAN.

Jean Benjamin Schiller, born 11/06/1785, Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville)

Marie Louise Schiller, born 6/20/1787, Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville), m. 20 FEV 1810, à LOUISEVILLE, ST-ANTOIN, MASKINONGE,QUE CAN, GUILLAUME PAILLE #95146, (fils de FRANCOIS PAILLE #95206 et AGNES FLEUR-D'EPEE #95207).

Augustin Schiller, born 2/11/1789, died 4/02/1789 Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville), s. 03 AVR 1789, LOUISEVILLE,ST-ANTOIN, MASKINONGE ,QUE CAN.

Marie Josephe Schiller, born 5/15/1790, Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville), m. 08 NOV 1808, à LOUISEVILLE, ST-ANTOIN, MASKINONGE, QUE CAN, AUGUSTIN MOREAU #95143, n. 02 MAR 1787, LOUISEVILLE, MASKINONGE, QUE CAN, (fils de FELIX MOREAU #95208 et JOSEPHE BOURDETTE #95209).

Sophie Schiller, born 4/30/1792, Yamachiche, d. 12 MAI 1795, LOUISEVILLE,,MASKINONGE,QUE CAN, s. 13 MAI 1795, LOUISEVILLE,ST-ANTOIN,MASKINONGE,QUE CAN.

Albert Schiller, born 10/18/1794, Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville)

Godefroy Schiller, born 11/22/1796, Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville)

Marie Sophie Schiller, born 10/16/1798, Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville) m. (1) 11 FEV 1817, à MASKINONGE, ST-JOSEPH, MASKINONGE, QUE CAN, JOSEPH VEZINA #95149, (fils de ANTOINE VEZINA #95288 et MARIE ANNE GIRAULT LARIVIERE #95289) m. (2) 09 JAN 1821, à MASKINONGE,ST-JOSEPH,MASKINONGE,QUE CAN, FRANCOIS XAVIER BRUNELLE #95150, (fils de PIERRE BRUNEL #95282 et MARIE ANNE ST-MICHEL #95283). SOPHIE décès : 08 AVR 1824, MASKINONGE, MASKINONGE, QUE CAN, s. 10 AVR 1824, MASKINONGE, ST-JOSEPH, MASKINONGE, QUE CAN.

Telesphore Schiller, born 1804, died 11/11/1880




Marie Marguerite Schiller, Jean Benjamin Schiller, Marie Louise Schiller,

Augustin Schiller, Marie Josephe Schiller, Sophie Schiller,

Albert Schiller, Godefroy Schiller,

Marie Sophie Schiller, Telesphore Schiller, Alexis Schiller



Parents and Baptism

"According to J.H. Merz (Personal Data Files of German Military Men in Canada 1776-1783, S18p41) Benjamin Schiller was born approx 1754. I checked with Evangelisches Zentralarchiv in Berlin for a possible baptism in Königsberg on that year for Benjamin Schiller. The following entry was found by Archivist Elisabeth Pabst in the Taufbuch der Gemeinde Haberberg in Königsber (Evangelische Lutheranishe Kirche), under no. 102, vol 1754 (Book of Baptisms of the Habergerg Congregation):"

BENJAMIN SCHILLER, born on April 7, 1754

...Serge Theriault



Hessian Soldier

August Johan Benjamin Schiller was born April 7, 1754 in Koningsberg, Prussia. He came to North America as part of the Brunswick Troops during the American Revolutionary War. He was in the fourth deployment of 266 additional Brunswick Troops that landed in New York in May, 1780. Jean Benjamin was a Surgeon's Mate, in Brigadier General's Specht's Regiment, and Major de Ehrenkrook's Company that was stationed at Fort Brooklyn, Long Island, New York.

The German Troops were deployed to North America in support of King George III of England, who was an Elector of Hanover and ally during the Seven Years War. They came from various German Duchies, including Hessen-Kassel which provide about 17000 troops and Brunswick providing about 5700 troops. Arriving as early as June, 1776, they were immediately pressed in action. Quebec was completely surrounded by the Americans and endanger of capture. The "Hessians" broke the siege of Quebec and helped to drive the Americans out of "Canada". One could easily say that Canada is independent and sovereign today because of the efforts of the "Hessian" troops.

A Muster Roll dated July 20th, 1781,that is located at The Clements Historical Library at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan states that Benjamin Schiller was present and listed as a Surgeon's Mate.


Click on the image to view the entire Brunswick Troops Muster Roll of 1781, Fort Brooklyn, NY


Battle Flag of the Brunswick Infantry Regiment


"From other documents, we know that the overall Commander of the German troops was Major General Adolf Baron von Riedesel. In a book written by Max von Eelking,it indicated that Major General von Reidesel, was captured along with the British General Burgoyne at Saratoga on 17 October 1777. Three years later, on October 25, 1780, General Reidesel was set free in a prisoner exchange. After being released, Sir Henry Clinton at once confirmed the command of Long Island upon him with headquarters in Brooklyn.

On 22 July 1781, Major General Riedesel and his family, along with 900 German soldiers, mainly Brunswickers and all the recruits who in the meantime had arrived in Brooklyn departed for Halifax and Quebec aboard British ships. The general and his family were aboard the ship "Lilledale" . They arrived in Quebec City ( for a second time) after a very stormy journey on 12 September 1781. Major General Riedesel was then given command of all German Troops in Canada and took up possession of his old quarters in Sorel.

Meanwhile, note that the previously mentioned Muster Roll of the Brunswick troops (which included Benjamin Schiller) taken at Fort Brooklyn on July 20, 1781 (Reference 5) was only 2 days prior to the departure of Major General Riedesel. The Muster Roll was probably taken in preparation for the trip from Brooklyn to Quebec, which as indicated, departed 2 days later on 22 July 1781. It can be safely assumed that my immigrant ancestor, Surgeon's Mate Benjamin Schiller was included with these 900 Brunswick Troops transported from Brooklyn to Quebec City via Halifax."  ...Robert Pierre Schiller


Arrival in Quebec

Jean Benjamin Schiller arrived at Quebec City on September 12, 1781. From there, he went with his regiment to Yamaska, (Jean-Pierre Wilhelmy, Les Mercenaires allemands au Québec, 1776-1783 , Septentrion publisher, Quebec, 1997, p. 117.) and lived with the family of Pierre and Marguerite Hebert (nee Desrosiers) ("Billetage chez l'habitant" was the expression used to describe the practice of having German soldiers live with French-Canadian families in the villages where their regiments were sent.). He fell in love with their daughter Marguerite (1764-1843), whom he married in 1783. ...Serge Theriault




Baptism of Marguerite Hebert

PRDH - Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique


Above is the Baptism record of Marguerite Hebert. According to the record she was baptised on the day she was born, February 2, 1764. Both her father and mother , Pierre Hebert and Marguerite Desrosiers were present. Pierre Hebert, her Grandfather on her father's side and Marie Angelique Pepin, her Grandmother on her mother's side were also present.

Marguerite Hebert was 19 years old when she married Jean Benjamin Schiller. She was the oldest daughter of Pierre HEBERT DIT LENOIR and Marguerite DEGUIRE DIT LAROSE DESROSIERS . Her family had already been settled in Quebec for about one hundred thirty years. The "HEBERTS" are considered one of the founding families of New France. Augustin Hebert, born about 1623, came to Quebec before1650. Jean Benjamin and Marguerite probably named one of their children after Marguerite's great great grandfather, Augustin; althought the child died at 2 months of age.


Notes on Augustin Hebert and Adrienne DuVivier (Marguerite Hebert's great,great grandparents), the first colonists of Montreal:

Augustin Hebert is noteworthy for having been among the companions of Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve, of Champagne on that official day of 18 May 1642, when he disembarked on our shore and for assisting in the founding & first Mass of Ville-Marie of Montreal.

According to Marcel Trudel's "Catalogue des Immigrants 1632-1662" Hebert arrived in 1637. He returned to France in 1646.

At some point in 1646, Augustin Hebert aged 23, the son of Guillaume and Marguerite Meunier Hebert, married Adrienne Du Vivier aged 20, the daughter of Antione and Catherine Journet Vivier in Paris or La Rochelle, France. Two years later, in 1648, they both traveled to New France, where they eventually setted in the new colony of Montreal, Ile Of Montreal, Qc. One child accompanied them , Jeanne Marie, born before 1647. On Jan 16, 1649 Paul (Paula , Pauline) was born in Montreal and died the next day. Legar Hebert was born April 19, 1650 in Montreal and later on October 28, 1652, Ignace Hebert was born. There are several other children listed in the Family Group Record of FamilySearch of the LDS, however in Family Record of PRDH, there are only four children listed. Paul (Paula, Pauline) died at birth. Marie Madeleine Louise Hebert, born about 1650Notre Dame, Mantes, Paris, France and died 13 Dec 1716 in Laprairie, Quebec, Canada is listed in the Family Group Record of LDS but not in the Family Record of the PRDH - Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique.


Detail of early Montreal area, 1610-1791


In 1648 when they settled in Montreal, Augustin was 25 and Adrienne was 22. Augustin Hebert died September 19, 1653 at the age 30 years. We do know that on September 22,1653, two days after his death, 100 soldiers arrived from Quebec to defend the colony from the Iroquois. Chances are that Augustin died protecting his family and the colony from the Iroquois Indians. At the time of Augustin's death, Adrienne was 27 years old with three small children, ages 6, 3, and 1 years.

On November 19, 1654, Adrienne Du Vivier married Robert Lecavelier dit Deslauriers. According the PRDH, they had three children: Marie Madelene, Jean Baptiste, and Louis Michel. They lived together until his death on July 25, 1699. Adrienne Vivier died on October 20, 1706 at the age of 86. She had seen the Colony of Montreal transformed into a large and busy city. Augustin HEBERT was Marguerite HEBERT dit Lenoir's Great Great Grandfather.



Marriage of Jean Benjamin and Marguerite Hebert

Jean Benjamin Schiller was married on July 14, 1783 to Marguerite Hebert. Jean was 26 years old.

"The Marriage was celebrated in the Lutheran Church by Rev. Kohle, military chaplain of the Braunsweig Regiment von Specht in Quebec City, sometime between July 14 and July 22, 1783. On the 14th was the signing of wedding contract and the 22nd is when he was released from the army in Quebec city. Rev. Kohle's register can be found in Acta Militaria, Aeltere Reihe No. 244, in Wolfenbuettel.

It is a documented fact that most of these military men were devoted Lutheran Christians with 2-3 chaplains ministering to them in every regiment. Those who insisted to have their marriage blessed by the Lutheran chaplain were particularly devoted to their church, which is the case with Augustus Benjamin.


The Contract de Mariage Lieu indetermine (au Quebec) which is dated July, 14, 1783. The parents, who lived in Yamaska, Quebec were not present for the Ceremony. However, three of Marguerite's siblings were present: Basile Heber, Isabelle Heber and Antoine Heber. Following the marriage ceremony, Jean Benjamin and Marguerite settled in Riviere-du-loup (Louisville). Yamaska, Marguerite's home, is very close to Louisville. Most of the children were baptised in the Louisville Parish. Jean Benjamin Schiller died on June 8, 1835 and is buried in the Maskinonge cemetery. Our family line comes from the offspring of Albert Schiller, who was born 10/18/1794 and baptised at Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville).


PRDH - Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique


Contrat de Mariage Lieu indetermine (au Quebec) July 14, 1783 No. 771322

Jean Benjamin Scheiller, age 26
Occupation: Maitre Chirurgien (Master Surgeon)
Origin: Konigsberg, Prusse

Marguerite Heber, age 19
Father: Pierre Heber; Residence: Yamaska
Mother: Marguerite Derosier; Residence: Yamaska

Basile Heber, brother
Isabelle Heber, sister
Antoine Heber, brother

Notaire Antoine Robin


Marriage Contract for Jean Benjamin Schiller and Marguerite Hebert

Click on document to view full size with English translations

The actual handwritten Marriage Contract between Jean Benjamin Schiller and Marguerite Hebert. The contract document was provided by Claude Kaufholt-Couture, the Director of the Association of Families With Germanic Origins of Quebec. The contract was executed on July 14, 1783 at the Notary, Antoine Robin. However, it was recorded in his office on 11th September 1783.


..."In favor of the future marriage, the bride will bring: a feather bed, a pair of bed sheets, a cow, a ewe, an 18 month old sow, a straw mattress, 4 pewter plates, 2 stoneware plates, 6 spoons, 6 forks, 20 flour mill measures or as the field of Mr. Heber will produce, a cook pot, a pewter plate and lid.

In favor of the future marriage, the groom will bring: the customary endowment of the sum of 300 ancient schooling of the province. his tools and weapons. The principle of which will be equal and reciprocal of the sum of 150 ancient schooling of the province to be taken by the surviving spouse in coins or in possessions, aside from the common debt, according to the inventory then done. In addition, the surviving spouse will inherit the clothes, linens and bed, rings of the future spouses, weapons and tools." ... JBSchiller Marriage Contract


Actual signatures of Jean Benjamin Schiller and Marguerite Hebert on their Marriage Contract


Benjamin Schiller's Conversion to Catholicism

I have read that Curé Laurent Bertand, a Louisville parish priest, is the one who had A. Benjamin abjure Lutheranism. The following lines were written by priest Bertrand on March 29, 1801: "I have this day absolved from excommunion heretical Lutheran German born surgeon A.B. Schiller who is in bed very sick."   ...Serge Theriault


Betrand Curé Laurent 1786, The priest  who converted Jean Benjamin Schiller to Catholicism


"Lessard does point out that Benjamin received an "Abjuration de l'heresie lutherienne" in 1801, which would be part of his formal conversion to Catholicism."   ...Robert Pierre Schiller


Doctor of Medicine

"In 1783 Benjamin began practicing medicine in the civil sector as an apprentice surgeon. From Lessard we know more about Benjamin Schiller's medical profession background. When leaving the military he had a letter of recommendation from Major General Riedesel which indicated, "A young man who doesn't yet have a lot of experience but because of his diligent application shows promise for the future." The records show that Benjamin became a surgeon in 1787 ." ...Robert Pierre Schiller


 Copy of August Benjamin Schiller's Doctor's License dated July 4, 1796


Printed Copy of August Benjamin Schiller's Doctor's License


Above are the signatures of Jean Benjamin Schiller and Marguerite Hebert dit LENOIR for the Marriage Contract of their son , Telesphore Schilller and Etiennette Lemire, daughter of Antione and Josephte Dupuis Lemire, on October 22, 1827 in Maskinonge, QC.      Note: After Jean Benjamin Schiller signed his name, he included "Chr" to signify MD or Doctor.


I also found in Malchelosse that Dr Augustus J. Benjamin became Seigneur of Rivière-David Seignory (also called Deguire Seignory) on June 19, 1805. Contract was prepared by Notary Joseph Cadet. I will have a copy of the contract by next week. But he lost it cause he did not have enough money to make all payments." ...Serge Theriault


Funeral and Burial

A picture of Rev. Louis Marcoux who was parish priest at Maskinongé from 1818 to 1841 and in all probabilities officiated at the funeral of Dr Augustus J Benjamin and buried him in the cemetery.


Old Maskinonge St Joseph Church & Rectory taken from J. Casaubon's book Histoire de la paroisse St Joseph de Maskinonge, 1982, p. 42. The cemetery is at the back of the church.



A photograph of the old cemetery in Maskinonge where Dr Augustus J. Benjamin Schiller was buried on June 10, 1835. His son, Telesphore, the father of Seraphine, my mother's ggmother, was also buried there on Nov 11, 1880 ....S.A. Theriault


Old church, old rectory and old cemetery (used between 1783-1892), Maskinonge Archives of Séminaire de Nicolet, F085/P5993 The photo must have been taken at end of 19th century because after 1892, people attended services in a new church building on the south shore of the river, 2 km distance from the old church. And after 1892, burials of dead were in the new cemetery by the new church.


Plan of Old St. Joseph Church (4) & Cemetery (5) A plan showing where the old cemetery is located. It is taken from the book Maskinonge, Seigneurs et seigneuries by Clement Plante, Ormiere Historical Society, Maskinonge, 1981, p. 46.


"I spent the day in Maskinonge yesterday and was able to get to the old cemetery where 6,600 people were buried before 1892, including Dr Augustus J. Benjamin and his sons Albert (your ancestor) and Telesphore (my ancestor) and their wives. I got a real shock when I got there. There is not fence, no stones, no cross, nothing. Only cows who shee and pee on all these poor bodies. All stones were removed and given away in 1915 and the land has been bulldozed. It is disgusting the way the parish church there is treating our poor ancestors. I talked to the lady who lives in the old presbytery just beside the field where is the cemetery. She was offended when she moved there and as early as 1975 she tried in vain to have the parish council do something about it. I got a resolution passed by the Board giving permission to have a memorial plaque affixed in the new cemetery. I thought all the bodies had been exhumed and brought to the new cemetery. But it is not the case. Now I want to do something to have at least the cemetery fenced with a cross and a memorial stone placed in the middle. Do you think you can join with me in the project. I am also sending a CC to Robert Schiller as you both have Albert as ancestor and he is buried in that shitty ground!! with Telesphore.

I am very sorry to have to communicate such a bad news about the place where our dear ancestors are laying. Please let me have your view on this.

I also CC the President of the Quebec Association of Families with German Origin for his information."

...Serge A. Theriault



* ID: I8894 
* Name: Jean Benjamin SCHILLER 
* Given Name: Jean Benjamin 
* Surname: Schiller 
* Sex: M 
* Birth: Abt 1757 in Koningsberg, Prussia 1 
* Death: Y 
* Occupation: Maitre Chirurgien 1783 Québec, Canada 1
Marriage 1 Marguerite HEBERT DIT LENOIR b: 19 Feb 1764 in Yamaska, Quebec, Canada
* Married: 14 Jul 1783 in Québec, Canada 2
1. Jean Benjamin SCHILLER b: 6 Nov 1785 in Riviére-Du-Loup (Louiseville), Quebec, Canada
2. Marie Louise SCHILLER b: 20 Jun 1787 in Riviére-Du-Loup (Louiseville), Quebec, Canada
3. Sophie SCHILLER b: 30 Apr 1792 in Yamachiche, Quebec, Canada
4. Marie Sophie SCHILLER b: 16 Oct 1798 in Riviére-Du-Loup (Louiseville), Quebec, Canada
5. Albert Schiller, born 10/18/1794, Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville)
1. Abbrev: PRDH
PRDH - Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique
Author: Université de Montréal
Page: #771322
Quality: 3
Date: 5 Feb 2002 
2. Abbrev: PRDH
Title: PRDH - Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique
Author: Université de Montréal
Page: #771322
Date: 5 Feb 2002


* ID: I8892 
* Name: Marguerite HEBERT DIT LENOIR 
* Given Name: Marguerite 
* Surname: Hebert dit Lenoir 
* Sex: F 
* Birth: 19 Feb 1764 in Yamaska, Quebec, Canada 1 
* Death: Y
Father: Pierre HEBERT DIT LENOIR b: 11 Nov 1738 in Yamaska, Quebec, Canada 
Mother: Marguerite DEGUIRE DIT LAROSE DESROSIERS b: 10 Aug 1746 in Yamaska, Quebec, Nouvelle France
Marriage 1 Jean Benjamin SCHILLER b: Abt 1757 in Koningsberg, Prussia
* Married: 14 Jul 1783 in Québec, Canada 2
1. Jean Benjamin SCHILLER b: 6 Nov 1785 in Riviére-Du-Loup (Louiseville), Quebec, Canada
2. Marie Louise SCHILLER b: 20 Jun 1787 in Riviére-Du-Loup (Louiseville), Quebec, Canada
3. Sophie SCHILLER b: 30 Apr 1792 in Yamachiche, Quebec, Canada
4. Marie Sophie SCHILLER b: 16 Oct 1798 in Riviére-Du-Loup (Louiseville), Quebec, Canada
5. Albert Schiller, born 10/18/1794, Riviere-du-Loup (Louisville)
1. Abbrev: PRDH
PRDH - Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique
Author: Université de Montréal
Page: #311377
Quality: 3
Date: 5 Feb 2002 
2. Abbrev: PRDH
Title: PRDH - Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique
Author: Université de Montréal
Page: #771322
Date: 5 Feb 2002


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