John Joseph Pribula/Albina Huderle Pribula

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Joseph Pribula/Anna Myerchin Pribula     Unknown Huderle/Unknown






Leslie Thomas, Alice Albina, Clarence John, Delia Frances,

Lambert Raymond, Valeria Marie, Lillian Millie



John Joseph Pribula , born 7/18/1888, died 6/30/1974

-M- August 4, 1914

Albina Frances Huderle, born 6/12/1892, died 4/17/1983



Leslie Thomas, born 12/24/1912

Alice Albina, born 7/6/1915,

Clarence John, born 11/4/1917

Delia Frances, 1/31/1923

Lambert Raymond, born 9/11/1926

Valeria Marie, born 1/30/1929

Lillian Millie, born 9/15/1931



John was born in Czechoslovakia, he came to America and sett1ed first in Pennsylvania in 1889 and then camp to Tabor, Minnesota in 1890.

He was educated in rural Tabor schools. John farmed in Sandsville township until 1914. In 1914 he married Albina Huderle and they moved to Danvers, Montana where he operated a garage for two years. They moved back to Minnesota and he was employed at Dakota Mill and Elevator in 1920. Thay lived on the family farm near Tabor and John was a well driller.

Their last home was ten miles North, three miles West of East Grand Forks. John and Albina were members of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Oslo, MN.




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