John Emil Myerchin, Jr-Marie Rose Filipy Myerchin

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John Myerchin/Dorothy Vanyo Myerchin        Unknown Filipy, Unknown



Ernest John Myerchin, Walter Myerchin, Darleen Myerchin Vonesek,

Merece Myerchin Kotrba, Henrietta Myerchin West, Donald Myerchin

Gladys Myerchin Gregory, Phyllis Myerchin Simon, Carmen Myerchin Nelson,

June Myerchin Corbid


John Emil Myerchin, Jr, born October 28, 1895, died February 16, 1969

Marie Rose Filipy Myerchin, born May 10, 1900, died January 16, 1989


Ernest John Myerchin, born 1/2/1921

Walter Myerchin, born 1923, died 1923

Darleen Myerchin Vonesek, born 1/5/1925

Merece Myerchin Kotrba, born 6/5/1928, died 11/7/1983

Henrietta Myerchin West, born 5/26/1930

Donald Myerchin, born 3/5/1932

Gladys Myerchin Geogory, born 5/7/1933

Phyllis Myerchin Simon, born 11/6/1934

Carmen Myerchin Nelson, 1/31/1937

June Myerchin Corbid, 6/20/1942


Darleen (Vonasek), Henrietta (West), Ernest, Donald, June (Corbid), Gladys (Gregory)

Merece (Kotrba), Marie and John Myerchin, Carmen (Nelson), Phyllis (Simon)



John was born in Northland Township near Tabor, Minnesota and was educated in rural schools. He served in the Army during WWI in 1918 and was stationed at Camp Cody, New Mexico.

He married in 1919 to Marie Filipy, who was born in Angus Township. They farmed in Warren-Tabor area for a number of years and moved to East Grand Forks in 1948 where John worked as a carpenter for Frank Jeffrey and Bill Wavra, for a few years. He was then employed by Leo Dunlevy Co. He retired in 1963 because of ill health. John died in 1969.

Marie Rose Filipy Myerchin died on January 16, 1989

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