John Paul Pribula/ Helen Polansky Pribula

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   John and Mary Myerchin Pribula       Unknown Polansky/Unknown





Margaret, Lawrence, Evelyn, Loretta , Mildred,

Ethel 'Jeanne', Donald, Gerald, Eugene



JOHN PAUL PRIBULA, March 12, 1894 - November 7, 1971

-M- July 1, 1919

HELEN POLANSKY, August 19, 1900



Margaret - April 16, 1920 -June 2, 1969

Lawrence - August 18, 1921-December 9, 1921

Evelyn - October 6,1924

Loretta - December 19, 1925

Mildred- February 13, 1928

Ethel 'Jeanne' - July 20, 1929

Donald- March 31, 1933

Gerald - April 1, 1935

Eugene - April 16, 1936


John was baptized at Tabor Catholic Church. He served in World War I, and fought in the battle of the Argone Forest and was wounded. He was active in the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

John and Helen Polansky were married at the Polansky home, as a church was not built until 1922. There were only twelve families in the parish, and Masses, weddings, and baptisms were held at the Polansky home once a month. Helen received her religious instructions by attending one year at the Cathedral in Crookston, Minnesota.

After their marriage, they lived one year with John's parents until their home was built six miles south of Alvarado. Later they moved to Minneapolis where John worked as a cement finisher; Helen worked at the Sharood Mail Order Company as bookkeeper. After Helen's father died, they moved to Middle River and rented a farm near her mother's farm and John worked both farms. They lived in Middle River until 1942, then moved to Grafton, North Dakota where John was employed in construction. He retired in 1958 and moved to Fargo, North Dakota. Helen moved to Rochester, Minnesota in 1977, she has now moved back to Fargo to make her home, and be near. her children and their families.


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