Joseph Pribula/Anna Gust Pribula

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JOSEPH PRIBULA, February 26, 1892 - July 25, 1968

-M- June 27, 1916

ANNA GUST, June 27, 1891 - March 1979

Joseph was born in Northland Township and got his education in the public schools in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.
He worked in a restaurant, during his youth. Joseph returned to farming in Northland Township.

He met and married Anna Gust in Tabor, Minnesota and they continued farming until 1929. These were the
depression years and farming had it's problems, so Joseph and Anna moved to East Grand Forks, where Joseph was manager of Pure Oil Gas Station from 1942 - 1958. In 1958 he retired.

They were members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in East Grand Forks. Joseph passed away in 1968. Anna then had her brother Albert Gust stay with her. She spent the last ten days of her 87 years at the Good Samaritan Center in East Grand Forks. Both Joseph and Anna are buried in Resurrection Cemetery in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.


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