Joseph Myerchin-Mathilda (Tillie) Huderle Myerchin

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John M Myerchin, Sr/Maria (Mary) Schust Myerchin     Unknown Huderle/unknown


50th wedding Anniversary



Raymond Myerchin, Clara Myerchin Kresl, Margaret Myerchin Lighthart,

Mildred Myerchin Novak, Adelaide Myerchin Kresl, Gene Myerchin


Joseph Myerchin was born June 21, 1879 and died August 26, 1959

Mathilda (Tillie) was born February 25, 1886 and died December 5, 1981


Raymond, born 9/11/1909, died 6/12/1970

Clara Dorothy, born 6/13/1913

Margaret, born 1/8/1917, died 6/30/1969

Mildred Catherine, born 6/3/1920

Adelaide, born 11/29/1922, died 11/9/1981

Gene J, born 2/28/1928



Cemerné, Vranov nad Toplou okres, Presov Region, Slovakia

The village in Eastern Slovakia from which the John M Myerchin, Sr Family emigrated in early 1883. Cemerné is an outer part of the town of Vranov nad Toplou in eastern Slovakia. It has a population of about 3,000.

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Magyarization and reasons for immigrating to America

Conditions in Eastern Slovakia were extremely dire at the time of their Immigration. The Hungarians (The Magyars) were brutally imposing their national authority on the Slovaks. "Magyarization" or the repression of Slovak customs, language, identity was very common. In some cases, Slovak children were taken from their parents and cleansed of their identity. The Slovaks were heavily taxed and their lands taken away. Poor living conditions lead to a Cholera epidemic in 1871. Many people died.


Anthracite Coal Mining, Near Shamokin, PA

The John M Myerchin Sr Family lived in Shamokin, PA and worked in the Anthracite Mines in 1883. The men worked in the coal mines for seven years. Because they were farmers in Slovakia and after enduring the many dangers and health hazards of coal mining, The John M Myerchin Family purchased land near Tabor, MN.


Margaret Lighthart, Clara Kresl, Adelaide Kresl, Mildred Novak

Raymond, Joseph & Mathilda, Gene

Joseph was born in Czecholovakia on June 21, 1879. He came to the United States with his parents in 1883. They lived in Pennsylvania for seven years, then the family moved to Northland Township, Polk County, where his father had a farm.

Joseph married Tillie Huderle at Tabor, Minnesota on July 27, 1909. They farmed the same farm for 48 years. He also served at Treasurer of the School District #34 for 38 years and was a director of the March Farmers' Elevator.

Joseph and Tillie raised six children. They were members of the Holy Trinity Catholic in Tabor, MN.

Joseph died at the age of 80 and Tillie was 95. They are buried in the Tabor Catholic Church Cemetery.

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Majercin to Myerchin Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery Tabor, MN, USA

Above, are the tombstones of Maria Schust Myerchin, Michael Myerchin and John M Myerchin, Sr. They are located in the Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, Minnesota. Each stone represents the mother, son and father of the same family and each stone has a different spelling of the surname.





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Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, MN


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