Edwin Paul Vanek-Julia Myerchin Vanek

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Matthew Vanek, Mary Unknown          John Myerchin/Dorothy Vanyo Myerchin




Richard Paul Vanek, Melvin Leonard Vanek, Donald Wilfred Vanek



Julia Margaret Myerchin Vanek, born October 19, 1897, died December 4, 1983

Edwin Paul Vanek, born November 11, 1895, died October 4, 1959


Richard Paul Vanek, born 6/26/1916

Melvin Leonard Vanek, born 10/28/1817

Donald Wilfred Vanek, born 9/3/1921, died (WWII) 1943


Julia Margaret was born to John and Dorothy Myerchin on October 19,1897 in Sandsville Township. She married Paul Vanek on November 22, 1915 in Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Tabor , Minnesota. Edwin was the son of Matthew and Mary Vanek of Tabor, Minnesota. Edwin and Julia farmed on several farms in the Tabor area and Edwin also played a trumpet in local bands. They were parents of three sons.

During the depression years they moved to a rented farm by Radium, Minnesota where they lived over the summer, moving to a farm south of Warren called the Tyler Farm. After about six years they moved to a resettlement farm closer to Warren. They made their home there from 1937 until 1959 when Edwin died at the age of 64 from a stroke. Julia moved to 658 N Fourth St in Warren in October of 1959 and lived there until her dealth on December 4, 1983, at the Riverview Nursing Home where she was a resident for about a month. While in Warren, Julia baby-sat for several families. He son Melvin made his home with her from 1960 and farmed her land in McCrea Township.

Julia was a Gold Star Mother, losing her son Donald in service during Word War II.

Julia and Edwin are buried in the Warren Catholic Church Cemetery.

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