Lawrence A Vonasek/Darlene Myerchin Vonasek

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Unknown Vonasek/Unknown        John E Myerchin, Jr/Marie Filipy Myerchin




Lyle Eugene Vonesek, Arletta Marie Vonesek, Carol Louise Vonesek,

Victoria Ann Vonesek, Yvonne Denise Vonesek, Teresa Jane Vonesek


Darlene Myerchin, born Jan 5, 1925

Lawrence Vonasek, born June 3, 1924



. Lyle Eugene born May 1, 1949 
Married Sandy Lunski on Jun 5, 1981 Sandy Lunski born Jul 26, 1954 
Children: '
* Angela Marie born Jul 9, 1982 '
* Aaron John born Nov 22, 1984 
Home is 624 17th Street North, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203 

. Arletta Marie "Letti" born Apr 1, 1951 
Children: '
* Wade Michael born Apr 7, 1971 
Home is 209 Mercury Drive, East Grand Forks, Minnesota 56721 

. Carol Louise born Aug 4, 1953 
Married Jeffry Bellmore on Aug 13, 1971 Jeffry Bellmore born Aug 8, 1952 
Children: '
* Paul Jeffry born Jan 26, 1972 '
* Phillip John born Sap 1, 1974 

. Victoria Ann 'Vicki" born Oct 16, 1955 
Married Mark Boushee on Jun 24,1977 Mark Boushee born Sep 4, 1956 
Children: '
* Raquel Marie born Nov 11, 1980 '
* Brandi Lea born Jul14, 1983 Home is R#2, East Grand Forks, Minnesota 56721 

. Yvonne Denise "Vonnie" born Aug 2, 1957 
Married John Norman on May 13, 1977 John Norman born Jun 6, 1956 
* Jeremy John born Aug 28, 1977 
* Travis Eugene born Jun 29, 1983 
* Amanda Marie born Dec 19, 1984 
Home is 528 6th Avenue SE, East Grand Forks, Minnesota 56721 

. Teresa Jane born Sep 26,1961 
Married Mike Riske Mike Riske 
* Nicole * Ashley 
Home is R#3, East Grand Forks, Minnesota 56721 

Lawrence & Darlene's Home is 
R3 - Box 269B, East Grand Forks, Minnesota 56721

Darlene & Lawrence Vonasek Darleen was born in the Warren Hospital. She received the sacraments of baptism and First Holy Communion from Father Joseph Mulvey in St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Warren, Minnesota. She was confirmed and later married in 1948 to Lawrence Vonasek at Holy Trinity Catholic Church by Father August L. Zellekens, in Tabor, Minnesota. Lawrence and Darleen bought their first home at 710 North Third Street in East Grand Forks, now the site of the Kennedy Bridge, which forced them to re-Iocate. They purchased a home from Darleen's parents, which was located on the Point, in East Grand Forks. This also happened to be 220 Highway, so in raising six children this close to traffic, a few behinds were paddled, for their own safety. Their children are of real Czech and Slovak heritage. . . When Darleen was a teenager, she helped families. When the mother had a new baby, she helped with the caring of the other children in the family. She was employed for eight years (1963-1971) at the Potato Processing Plant in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Other jobs were at the VFW in Grand Forks and for potato farmers during harvest. Lawrence has worked several places, as truck driver - delivering vaults, for Concrete Inc., Co-op Potato Warehouse, John P. Bushee Farms and for the last seventeen years (1989) with the City of East Grand Forks as a mechanic.

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