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Dophis Von Schiller/Josephine Goulet      Unknown Heon/Unknown


The Leon Schiller Family Standing: Lucille, Phillip, Beatrice, Delores, and Lilia, Seated: Mr and Mrs Schiller



Phillip Schiller, Lucille Schiller, Lilita Schiller,

Delores Schiller, Beatrice Schiller, Leo Schiller,

Edgar Schiller, Grace Schiller


Leon Schiller, born May 11, 1868, died June 28, 1938

Alice Heon, born March 27, 1875, died August 26, 1947



Phillip Schiller, 7/11/1904

Lucille Schiller, 11/04/1906

Lilita Schiller, 8/19/1908

Delores Schiller, 9/30/1912, died 7/14/1990

Beatrice Schiller, 7/01/1915

Leo Schiller, died at three months

Grace Schiller, died as an infant

Edgar Schiller, died 1922


SCHILLER. Leon was born May 11. 1868. in St. Maurice, Canada and was the son of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller. He immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was seven years old. He attended school in Groverdale. Connecticut. Ten years later he came to Argyle with his parents and settled on the NE1/4 of section 1, Bloomer Township.

In 1903, he married Alice Heon (born March 22. 1875) in St. Maurice. Canada.

Eight children were born to this union:

Edgar. who died in 1922;

Phillip (born July 11, 1905); Lucille (born November 4. 1906), who married Earl Bergeron;

Lilia (born August 19. 1908), who married Paul Dufault;

Delores (born September 30. 1912) who married Arthur LaFond;

Beatrice (born July 1. 1915), who married Amos Pirot;

Leo. who died at the age of three months;

Grace. who died in infancy.


Leon passed away June 28. 1938.

Alice passed away August 26. 1947.

....Argyle Centennial Book


SCHILLER. Alfred was the son of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller. He was born on April 30. 1862. He always lived with his parents. and later he lived with his brother Leon and his family. His occupation was carpentry. He died at the age of 81 on May 2. 1943.

...Argyle Centennial Book


Leon Schiller was the last of 10 children, born May 11, 1868 in St Maurice, Canada. He immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was 7 years old. He was too young to work in the factories so it was decided he should attend school to learn how to read and write the two languages, French and English. His father and mother had settled in Governdale, Connecticut wher they stayed for 10 years. When they had saved the sum of $5,000. they resolved they should come West to Minnesota and buy land where is was known then as it is known now; northwestern Minnesota has the richest soil in the world. Leon, the youngest of the family, was chosen by his parents to inherit the land the farm where they settled.

As I remember my uncle Leon, he was perhaps 5'11" in height, blue eyes, blond hair, eloquent in manners as well as looks. He too had the mark of nobility. Had the art of defining the good of others and would always say something pleasing about his fellow-man. He was not an aggressive man. He could say a lot in very few words. He was also a good sportsman. He and his two brothers, Hector and Fred, organized the first baseball team in Argyle, Minnesota where he was an associate of the better class of people in that small village.

At the age of 33 he married a Canadian girl, Alice Heon in St. Murice, Canada.

To this union eight children were born:
PHILLIP SCHILLER - born July 11, 1904. Married Stella Riopelle. 4 children
Phillip, Jr. - born March 8, 1929. Married Rose Mary McGlynn. 8 Children;
Lana Rae-born March 21, 1953; Clark-born March 3, 1954;Leon-born December 7, 1956; Mary Rose-born June 24, 1962; Alfred-born September 12, 1963; Hector-born September 6, 1964; Daniel-born June 4, 1966; Yvette-born June 14, 1968.

Anita Jane Schiller-born December 13, 1930. Married Phillip Schommer. 3 children: Jane Louise, Eric and Marsha.

Lou Ann Schiller-born December 28, 1937. Married John Goulet. 3 Children:
Vicki, James and Karen.

Sharon Kay Schiller-born August 26, 1943. Not Married.

LUCILLE SCHILLER - born November 4, 1906. Married Ed Bergeron. No Children

LILITA SCHILLER - born August 19, 1908. Married Paul Dufault. 3 children
Norman Dufault-born February 12, 1935. Married Ingrid Bethe. 2 children:
Norman, Jr-born July 28, 1958 and Kyle Dufault-born September 4, 1963. Married second time to Rose Marie Page and has on Adopted Daughter, Kimberley Marie.

Ronald Dufault-born July 28, 1937. Married Mary Jane Knoll. 4 children.
Jon-born September 16, 1958. Janine-born November 9, 1959. Jacqueline-born November 17, 1962.    Jennifer-born March 10, 1967.

Judith Ann Dufault-born November 16, 1942. Married Clayton McGlynn 2 children: Paula-born  September 18, 1960. Pamela-born April 2, 1962.

DELORES SCHILLER - born September 30, 1912. Married Arthur LaFond. 1 child:
Gary Joseph, stillborn on June 26, 1944.

BEATRICE SCHILLER - born July 1, 1915 Married Amos Pirot. 3 children
Janice Pirot-born February 2, 1947. Married Wayne Smith. 2 children: Glen-born March 8, 1947.  Victoria-born April 2, 1968.

Laurie Pirot-born October 6, 2948. Married David McNeil. I child: Scott-born January 25, 1967.

Dennis Pirot-born July 11, 1950. Married Nancy Jane Symms.

LEO SCHILLER - Died at 3 months.

GRACE SCHILLER - died as a infant.

...Cecile Schiller Belland, 1970




SCHILLER FAMILY TREE.PDF of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller complied by Rosemary Schiller, Argyle , MN


"The Von Schillers" by Delores Schiller LaFond

BENJAMIN SCHEILLER 1757-1835 Posted by Paul A. Plante, 3/31/2000 My Immigrant Ancestor-Benjamin Schiller by Robert P. Schiller

Descendance de Thomas Goulet

"The Family Tree of Cecile Schiller Belland"


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