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Paul Sourdiff/Anna Marrinet     Antoine Forget/Domithide Gibbeault



Louis Sourdif , born January 02, 1822, died April 15, 1901.

Denise Latour Forget, born June 9, 1837, died October 26, 1921


Children of Louis Sourdif and Denise Forget are:

John Sourdif, born in St Ligouri, Quebec.

Mathias Sourdif, born October 12, 1860 in St Ligouri, Quebec, Canada; died 1931 in Grafton, ND. 
Notes for Mathias Sourdif: Matthias left home in anger when he was 18, his parents wouldn't let him marry a woman with a tarnished name. He never married.

Joseph Sourdif, born 1862 in St Ligouri, Quebec; died 1954 in Argyle, MN. 
Notes for Joseph Sourdif: He was tall, weighed 180 pounds, Never married, developed diabetes and had one leg amputated to the hip.

Aristide Sourdif, born 1864 in St. Ligouri, Quebec, Canada. 
Notes for Aristide Sourdif: Died at an early age after being kicked in the forehead by his bronco.

Donalda Sourdif, born December 12, 1866 in St Ligouri, Quebec; died August 23, 1945 in Argyle, MN.

Leon Sourdif, born July 20, 1868 in St Ligouri, Quebec; died May 1956 in Thief River Falls, MN.

Edmond Sourdif, born April 10, 1870 in Joliette, Qubec Canada; died May 22, 1937 in Warroad, Mn.

Delia Sourdif, born 1872 in St liqouri , Quebec Canada; died June 13, 1935 in Lambert, MN.

Amanda Sourdif, born March 09, 1880 in Argyle, MN; died April 02, 1950 in Argyle, MN St Rose Cemetery.


John Sourdif, Mathias Sourdif, Joseph Sourdif, Aristide Sourdif,

Donalda Sourdif, Leon Sourdif, Leon Sourdif, Edmond Sourdif,

Delia Sourdif, Amanda Sourdif


Louis Sourdif was born January 02, 1822 in St ligouri, Quebec Canada, and died April 15, 1901 in Argyle, MN St Rose Cemetery. He married Denise Latour Forget January 12, 1853 in Joliette, Quebec, Canada, daughter of Antoine Forget and Domithide Gibbeault. She was born June 09, 1837 in Montreal, Canada, and died in Argyle, MN.

Notes for Louis Sourdif:
Louis Sourdif and his wife Denise Forget came to the US from St. Liguori, Quebec Canada to Argyle MN. Louis arrived before his wife with his two boys, Joseph and Aristide in 1876 and took free land the government offered to settlers in the Red River Valley. He built a small house and worked the land to grow food for his family. He then sent for his wife and small children to join him. They came by railroad as far as Crookston, MN from there they had to travel by covered wagon the 40 miles to Argyle. All of their belongings were in the wagon as well as a cow tied behind for milk and future meat. They encountered Indians that were not friendly and demanded the food they had. They had to cross rivers without bridges, the younger boys straddled the oxen back to direct them onward. The beasts too feared the unknown when they arrived in Argyle the country wasn't settled . People lived in poverty and hardship. Denise had deep sorrows, three of her small children died in one week of Black Pox. Doctors were not available, she had to take care of their illness as best she knew how. She was a licensed midwife, women in child birth would ask for her help. It was known she never refused anyone in distress and would never ask for money. She died at the age of 83 on October 26, 1921 after a long illness which kept her bed ridden for 7 years. Louis died April 15, 1901 of a heart attack, His tombstone at St Rose Catholic Cemetery in Argyle says: Louis Sourdif, Decede 15, April, 1900, Ans 74, Nous Nous retrauvegrous retrauverons.

Notes for Denise Latour Forget:
Denise Forget Sourdif talked often of her fathers home in Joliette, Quebec Canada. It was a large stone house, her Father Antoine was the master of the house, Their home was a dwelling of fun and good times. Most of the family was musically inclined and could play the violin or accordion. People were delighted to be in their company, they were good entertainers, liberal with their wines and food. After her Mother died her father made sure she had a good upbringing and sent her to the convent of the Ursuline nuns, where she learned to read and write in French. She also learned how to spin on a spinning wheel and to weave flax straw into linen. She could knit beautiful laces and socks. Denise was only 15 when she married Louis Sourdif, he was 31. Her wedding attire was a light blue silk dress with silver glittering braid and a black hat and black shoes. The groom wore a dark business suit. It was the custom for the first married that nothing be omitted, food, wine and entertainment, dancing to the violin and accordion music. The celebration lasted for three days. Denise was 5' 2" tall, had brown hair and blue eyes, with a fair complexion.

...Early family history is by Mary Sourdif Rosen and Cecile Schiller Belland

Donalda Sourdif Schiller, about 1920


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