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John M and Mary Myerchin "The First Myerchins" John M Myerchin, Sr was born June 27, 1838 and died September 4, 1916. Maria (Mary) Schust was born in 1844 and died January 23, 1915


"Family Trees" for Children of John and Mary Schust Myerchin,Sr.



Majercin to Myerchin Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery Tabor, MN, USA

Above, are the tombstones of Maria Schust Myerchin, Michael Myerchin and John M Myerchin, Sr. They are located in the Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, Minnesota. Each stone represents the mother, son and father of the same family and each stone has a different spelling of the surname.

Cemerné, Vranov nad Toplou okres, Presov Region, Slovakia is the village in Eastern Slovakia from which the John M Myerchin, Sr Family emigrated in early 1883. Cemerné is an outer part of the town of Vranov nad Toplou in eastern Slovakia. Today, and it has a population of about 3,000.


In 1883, The Slovak spelling of the surname was "Majercin". In fact, even today there are Majercin relatives still living in Cemerne, Slovakia, and in the local cemetery, there are a number of Majercin grave markers.


Maria Schust Myerchin was born in Slovakia in 1844 and died January 23, 1915. She was the first of the couple to die. Her tombstone, located in Tabor, MN, is written in the Slovak language. The spelling of her surname is MAJERCIN.


Maria Schust Myerchin Tombstone


John M Myerchin, Sr was born in Slovakia on June 27, 1838 and died September 4, 1916 on the Myerchin family farm near Tabor, MN. He was killed by a bull about eight months after his wife, Maria, died. His tombstone is written in English. The spelling of his surname is MAJERCHIN


John M Myerchin, Sr Tombstone


Michael Myerchin, was born in Slovakia on November 1, 1873, and died April 29, 1896. Michael was a young man of 24 years when he died of consumption. His tombstone is written in English and it represents the final "Americanization" of the family name. The spelling of his surname is MYERCHIN.


Michael Myerchin tombstone

Note: Both Maria and John M Myerchin died after Michael Myerchin, in 1915 and 1916. Yet, only his tombstone has the current spelling of the MYERCHIN surname. Perhaps, his stone was placed at the grave at a later date.



"Shown are three images of our trip to Prague and Cemerne, Slovakia in 2005. One of the pics depicts the graveyard in Cernerne - Jon Myerchin (Majercin) and Michael Majercin's widow who Barb and I visited. The last is the Charles River bridge with the medieval shops on it with the castle in the background. These edifices were there for the last thousand plus years etc.... I want to do this trip again - God willing!.....................Tom"


Jon Majercin grave, Cemerne, Slovakia


Michael Majercin's widow and Tom Myerchin


Charles River bridge and medieval shops



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