Michael Paul Pribula/ Anna Kugel Pribula


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   John and Mary Myerchin Pribula       Unknown Kugel/Unknown



Michael Paul Pribula, born July 6, 1900, died October 14, 1974

-M- 1927

Anna Catherine Kugel, born October 27, 1901



Lucille Cecilia, born 11/2/1928

Blanche Monica, born 5/4/1930

David Michael, born 5/31/1931

Donald Joseph, 3/27/1933

Walter, born 1/31/1935, died 3/1960

Ronald Clarence, born 10/6/1936

Delores Rita, born 8/30/1938

Mary Ann, born 10/7/1940

Frances Mae, born 10/24/1942

Shirley Marie, born 12/4/1944


Lucille Cecilia, Blanche Monica, David Michael, Donald Joseph, Walter,

Ronald Clarence, Delores Rita, Mary Ann, Frances Mae, Shirley Marie,




Michael and Anna were both born in Minlnesota. They were married in 1927. Ten children were born to them, six daughters and four sons. The first eight children were born in Tabor, Minnesota and were baptized there. All are living except Walter. The last two daughters, ~'rancia and Shirley were born and baptized at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Canton, OhIo. Michael moved to Canton, Ohio in January 1941. Anna sold their farm and farm anima1s. In March of 1941, she came by train to Canton with their seven children ranging in age from twelve years to a six month old baby. Michael found employment at Republic Steel Corp. in Canton and worked there until retirement in 1964. They bought a farm outside the village of East Canton and lived there until July 1952, when they moved closer to the town of Canton. In 1963 they moved with their eldest son, David, to a farm outside of East Canton. Michael lived there until he passed away in October 1974. Anna lived there until 1981. She then bought her own home, which is accross the street from her church, St. Benedict's Catholic Church.

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