Dale Leroy Myerchin/Jean Danielson Myerchin

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WalterMyerchin/Mildred Jeffery (Overgaard)           Unknown Danielson/Unknown       





Susan Marie Myerchin, Michele Lea Myerchin, Steven Dale Myerchin



Dale Leroy Myerchin, born June 14, 1940

Jean Marie Danielson, born June 8, 1941



Susan Marie, born 6/21/1968
Michele Lea, born 8/31/1971
Steven Dale, 3/16/1978

Dale and Steve Myerchin taken 1985

Dale Myerchin married Jean Danielson on December 5, 1964 in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Their children are: Susan was born June 21, 1968. Susan married Tim LeBlanc on Oct 4, 1991. They live in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Michele was born August 31,1971. She married Joe Leas on June 22,1990.

Steven was born on March 16, 1978 and is presently (2001) a student at St. Cloud Technical College, studying architectual drafting, and working part-time at a cabinet manufacturing company in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

I (Dale) worked for Ottertail Power Company in Fergus Falls and Crookston, until April 21, 1995, when I had a stroke, while vacationing at Denver, Colorado. I am presently disabled, and on long-term-disability from my job with , Ottertail Power Company.

Jean and I have been blessed with four handsome grandsons, and two beautiful grand-daughters.


Memories of long ago...

I can remember going to visit our Grandfather, John Myerchin, at Uncle Emil and Aunt Lillian Kresl's home, where he lived after he had a stroke. He always had a bowl of pink-mint candy, that he would give to us grandchildren when we visited him.




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