Dennis W Myerchin/Delores Desrosier Myerchin

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WalterMyerchin/Mildred Jeffery (Overgaard)           Unknown Desrosier/Unknown       




Daniel Joseph Myerchin, Denise Marie Myerchin, David Walter Myerchin,

Douglas Michael Myerchin, Deanna Trerese Myerchin



Dennis Walter Myerchin, born 10/8/1937

Delores Derosier, born 11/23/1938

Married on November 8, 1958



Daniel Joseph, born 9/02/1959
Denise Marie, born 7/15/1961
David Walter, born 11/10/1962
Douglas Michael, 12/10/1963
Deanna Therese, born 8/12/1965

Dennis Walter and Delores Patricia Desrosier Myerchin were married on November 8, 1958. They've lived in the Crookston, Minnesota area their entire married life. Dennis retired in July of 1999, after 30+ years as heavy equipment mechanic, then building maintenance lead worker from the Minnesota Department of Transportation and is now working parttime at Stenshoel's Funeral Home. Delores (Dee), is director of the Golden Link Senior Center, Crookston. Dennis was born October 8, 1937 in Grand Forks to Walter and Mildred Jeffrey Myerchin, who lived in the Warren, Minnesota area for many years. Walter was the son of John Michael and Dorothy Vanyo Myerchin. Denny graduated from Warren High School in 1956. He attended several trade school workshops regarding outboard mechanic training and various trainings for his position at MN DOT. Dee was born November 23, 1938 in Crookston to Henry and Maria Page Desrosier. They lived in the Beltrami and Crookston area. She graduated from St. Joseph's Academy in 1956 and has taken various classes from Moorhead State University and Crookston's Central High School Adult Ed Programs as well as various workshops pertaining to administrative management.


Dennis Myerchin on his first day of school

Children's Families of Dennis & Delores Myerchin

Daniel Joseph Myerchin born Sep 2, 1959 
Occupation: welder, mechanic 
Married Deborah Nelson on Jun 7,1980 
Deborah Nelson born May 14,1960 
Daniel & Deborah are divorced. 
. Jason Allen born Oct 24, 1981 
. Adam Michael born May 19,1985 
Home is R#3, Crookston, Minnesota 56716

Daniel is a graduate of Staples AVTI, Staples, MN. Jason is a graduate of Madison, WI High School and is in the Marine Corp Reserves, and currently a college student (2001). Adam is a student at Shawano, WI High School.

Denise Marie Myerchin born Jul15, 1961 
Occupation: Hospice in Bismarck, ND 
Married Steve Morris on Nov 28,1981 
Steve Morris born Nov 10, 1959 
Occupation: president of Security Bank, New Salem, ND 
. John Michael born Apr 25, 1983 
. Sarah Maria born Mar 2, 1984 
. Megan Ann born Feb 25, 1987 
Home is New Salem, North Dakota Denise graduated from NDSU in Fargo, NO. 
Steve graduated from NDSU in Fargo, ND. 
John is a graduate of New Salem High School, New Salem, ND and is in the Air Force Reserves,
and is currentiy a college student (2001). 
Sarah & Megan are students. 

David Walter Myerchin born Nov 10,1962 
Occupation: diesel mechanic at B & B Drilling in Netcong, NJ 
Married Tracey Bennington 
Tracey Bennington born Aug 13, 1965 
Occupation: office manager, at B & B Drilling in Netcong, NJ 
. Henry Louis born Nov 10, 1996 
. Giovanna Maria "Gina" born Jul 22, 1998 
. Samuel Walter born Dee 20, 2000 
Home is Blairstown, New Jersey 
David is a graduate of Staples AVTI, Staples, MN. 
Tracey is a graduate of the Technical School in New Jersey. 

Douglas Michael "Doug" Myerchin born Dec 1O, 1963 
Occupation: licensed water well driller for B & 8 Drilling in Netcong, NJ 
Married Augusta "Augie" Griffin on May 19, 1985 
Augusta Griffin born Sep 11, 1962 
Doug & Augie are divorced. 
. Travis Alan born Nov 13, 1985 
. Jeremy Michael born Feb 17, 1989 
Home is Kunkletown, Pennsylvania . 
Doug is a graduate of Staples A VTI, in Staples, MN. 
Travis & Jeremy are students. 

Deanna Therese Myerchin born Aug 12, 1965 
Occupation: RN at White Earth Indian Health Care Center in White Earth, MN 
Married Martin Pepper on Dec 26, 1986 
Martin Pepper born Feb 17, 1959 
Occupation: works at Detroit Lakes Camper Sales in Detroit Lakes, MN 
. Mathew David Michael born Nov 26, 1995 
Home is Lake Park, Minnesota 
Deanna is a graduate of Nursing School in Pennsylvania. 
Martin is a graduate of Staples A VTI in Staples, Minnesota.



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