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If your family has an informal history that relates a personal set of experiences of the family, please feel free to include it. Everyone has their own unique point of view and recollection of events. As time passes, these "Histories" become the fabric that weaves the relatives together.


We are hoping that family members will bring their special family dishes for all to enjoy at the Myerchin 2005 reunion event. Please include a recipe for that dish. We will post the recipes on the family website. Perhaps, if enough recipes are presented, we could create a Myerchin Family Cookbook.

Any Myerchin Family Recipe would be greatly appreciated by all family members.




Myerchin--The Name

The Myerchin name has under-gone some changes in spelling. In our search we find "Majerchin" in the Tabor cemetery, and relatives say their name originally was "Meyers" but were given the name Myerchin by immigration officials when they entered the United States, as they claimed there were already so many "Meyers" here.
...Pribula-Myerchin Family History.


Majercin, Myerchin, Majerchin, Myercin
... a little explanation

The MAJERCIN clan emigrated in a number of waves from the Saris Region in Slovakia during the late 1800's.  MAJER is a common Eastern European prefix for last names.  It roughly means landed or owner of property.

As best I can figure, the original pronunciation was:  MY-AIR-CHIN.

The spelling of the name suffered, as each family member came through Ellis Island.  The name was changed three or four times that I know of, each a phonetic variation of the original spelling. 

John Majercin's name was changed to MYERCHIN.  Another spelling was changed to MAJERCHIN.  So, whether you are a MAJERCIN, MAJERCHIN, MYARCHIN, MYERCIN or a MYERCHIN we are related.---Majercin Family Resource


Majercin to Myerchin Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery Tabor, MN, USA

Above, are the tombstones of Maria Schust Myerchin, Michael Myerchin and John M Myerchin, Sr. They are located in the Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, Minnesota. Each stone represents the mother, son and father of the same family and each stone has a different spelling of the surname.


A Very Short History of Slovakia

Magyarization, Forced Assimilation of the Slovaks

Sts. Cyril and Methodius/Slavonic Language
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Cemerné, Vranov nad Toplou okres, Presov Region, Slovakia
The village in Eastern Slovakia from which the John M Myerchin, Sr Family emigrated in early 1883.
The Slavs in America
The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIV

A Chronology: Czechs and Slovaks in America

Anthracite Coal Mining, Near Shamokin, PA
The John M Myerchin Sr Family lived in Shamokin, PA and worked in the Anthracite Mines in 1883.

Slovak and Christmas Traditions




Minnesota--Pribula/Myerchin Book

Tabor, MN History

Tabor,MN Centennial

Tabor Church Centennials

Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, MN

The Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery is located in NE · NW · of Section 17 in Tabor Township, near Tabor, MN. The existing markers were originally copied October 6, 1987 by Cheryl Yapp, Jackie Marler and Myrtle Marler. On, July 25, 2000, their list was verified, updated and translated by Ellen Kotrba, parish member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church and made ready for internet usage.










   Thomas Schiller Myerchin's Baby Book, 1939




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