Gary Klava/Joyce Marie Myerchin Klava

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Unknown Klava/Unknown             WalterMyerchin/Mildred Jeffery (Overgaard)    





Gregory Lew Klava, Michael John Klava,

Barbara Carol Klava, Rose Carin Joy Klava




Joyce Marie Myerchin, born Nov 10, 1941

Gary Louis Klava, Sep 9, 1939

Married June 9, 1962 in Crookston, MN



Gregory Lew, born 3/16/1963
Michael John, born 7/07/1965
Barbara Carol, born 1/08/1970
Rose Carin, born 9/02/1983


Notes from Joyce Klava, 3/2004

Gregory married Teresa Sena June 23, 1984.

Their children are:
Monica Inez Klava born January 21, 1986
Evita Marie Klava born May 21, 1988
Andrea Rene Klava born March 9, 1992
Antonio Luis born February 5, 1993
They live in Golden, CO

Michael married Antoinette Aucoin February 29, 1992 (yes, leap year day!)  
They've been married 12 years but only 3 anniversaries!   
They have one child Ian Michael Klava born October 16, 1999  
They live in Golden, CO also.

Barbara married Robert Wilson, (who is now Rev. Robert Wilson, a Presbyterian minister,) on July 24, 1993.  
Their children are:
Gunnar James Wilson born March 22, 1995
Garrett Jacob Wilson born December 17, 1996
Luke Robert Wilson born February 5, 2001 
They live in Wilbur, WA

Rose Carin Joy Klava is our  20 year old single daughter.  
She lives in Arvada, CO.

May our loving God abundantly bless you,




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