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Joseph Frank Myerchin/Laura Schiller Myerchin     Victor Hagel/Magdalena Hagel  


Phil and Marie Myerchin in August, 2002



Germaine Myerchin, Christian Myerchin, Mary Carol Myerchin Miller,

Paul Myerchin, Greta Myerchin



Philip Rial Myerchin, born December 27, 1937, died September 11, 2008

Marie Theresa Hagel, born Jan 11, 1939

Married on May 30, 1966



Germaine Myerchin (Thomas)

Christian Myerchin,

Mary Carol Myerchin (Miller), born 11/15/1971

Paul Myerchin,

Greta Myerchin




Philip R Myerchin Family Portrait

taken May, 2008





Friday, September 12, 2008
Philip Myerchin "May he rest in peace"

My brother, Philip Myerchin, a long time resident of Ketchikan and Anchorage died on 11 September 2008 after a valiant fight with cancer. He was 70 years old and was born in Grand Forks North Dakota on December 27th, 1937. He was the son of my parents - Joseph Myerchin and Laura Schiller.

I would like to share a few comments about the significance of his life and why he was so loved and esteemed by his colleagues, friends and family.

Before coming to Alaska he farmed in Minnesota and specialized in feed crops and beef cattle herds. Concurrent with these farming operations, he taught physics, chemistry and mathematics to high school students at Forrest River, North Dakota and later in Hallock, Minnesota.

In addition to graduating from the University of North Dakota with a BS in Chemistry and Physics in 1959, he also earned a BA in Mathematics. Later, he fulfilled a fellowship at the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies with advanced studies in physical chemistry and mathematics. In 1966 he returned to the University of North Dakota where he completed his formal studies and earned an MS in Mathematics with special emphasis in the cognate area of chemistry.

Phil arrived in Ketchikan in 1964 and taught physics, chemistry and methematics at the Ketchikan High School until his retirement in 1994. He also taught mathematics and science courses at the Ketchikan Community College for adult GED examination.

He served in a number of local and state positions of the National Education Association. There he held the various positions as President and chief negotiator in bargaining and as an advocate for other teachers. On the State level, he served six years as a member of the Board of Directors.

In Ketchikan, Phil became affiliated with local Democratic Party activities. He was Chairman of the local Ketchikan Democratic Precinct Committee and Southeast Regional Democratic Precinct Committee. He served with Russ Brown and others on the Ketchikan Committee to elect Nick Begich. There, Phil also devoted considerable time to his business activities in real estate.

While in Ketchikan, he became a member of the Ketchikan Mountaineering Association and participated in several rescues

Following his retirement from teaching in Ketchikan in 1994, Phil moved to Anchorage to be near his children and grandchildren. True to his goal of thoroughly enjoying retirement, Phil and his wife Marie devoted much time to travel around the world.

Phil is survived by his wife of 42 years, Marie, and his two sons, Chris Myerchin with wife Sandy, and their two young boys Keegan and Dominic of Seattle and Paul Myerchin of Anchorage; his daughters Germaine Thomas, with husband Scott and their daughters Teslin and Sarana of Anchorage, Mary Carol Miller and her husband Chris and sons Matias, Darby and Anders also of Anchorage and Greta Myerchin of Fairbanks.

He is also survived by his three brothers, myself of Nashville, TN, John of Banning, CA and William of San Bernardino, CA and a sister, Marsha Cathy Erickson of Perham, MN. and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

A great leader teaches. Phil was a great teacher – for he set the compass of numerous students who have become successful leaders themselves - under his mentorship.

May he rest in peace.

Posted by Tom at 6:45 AM




Philip at 6 months age

Philip Rial Myerchin. Born on 27 Dec 1937 in Grand Forks, ND U.S.A.
Occupation: Chemistry, physics and mathematics teacher, retired.
Education: HS Diploma, BS Degree, BA Degree, MST Degree.
Religion: Roman Catholic.

High School Graduation, June 1955


On 30 May 1966 when Philip Rial was 28, he married Marie Theresa Hagel, in Ketchikan, AK U.S.A.

Marie Theresa Hagel. Born on 11 Jan 1939 in Schuler, Alberta, Canada. Occupation: Nurse (RN), Public Health Nurse, Apartment owner and manager, mother. Education: Diploma (24 May 1959) Saint Mary's High School, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Religion: Roman Catholic.


Phil and Marie Hagel Myerchin on their Wedding Day, May 30, 1966


Philip Myerchin Family (left to right) Germaine, Mary Carol. Philip, Christian, Paul, Grete (seated) Marie Hagel Myerchin


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