Victor Hagel/Magdalena Hagel
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Emanuel Hagel/Theresa Malsom         Frank Joseph Hagel/Eva Senger



Victor Hagel. Born on 2 Feb 1902 in Near Odessa, Russia. Victor died in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 6 Mar 1985, he was 83. Buried in Medecine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Occupation: Farmer - seven miles southwest of Schuler, Alberta, Canada. Education: Elementary. Religion: Roman Catholic.

On 11 Jun 1928 when Victor was 26, he married Magdalena (Lena) Hagel, in Beiseker, Alberta, Canada.

Magdalena (Lena) Hagel. Born on 26 Nov 1906 in North Dakota, U.S.A. Magdalena (Lena) died in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada on 18 Jan 1980, she was 73. Buried in Jan 1980 in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada. Occupation: Housewife and mother. Education: Elementary. Religion: Roman Catholic.




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