Paul John Pribula/ Eleanor Travnicek Pribula

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   John and Mary Myerchin Pribula       Unknown Travnicek/Unknown



PAUL JOHN .PRIBULA , August 14, 1888 - August 16, 1970

-M- October 21, 1913

ELEANOR KATHERINE.TRAVNICEK, June 13, 1894 - June 4, 1976.

Raymond Paul ~ July 13, 1915 
Martha Ann - August 8, 1916-April 23, 1982
Leon Joseph -March 27, 1918 
Emil George -June 14, 1919 
Lorraine Lillian -August 18, 1921-February 8, 1922  
Dorothy Mildred - April 29, 1923 
Robert Ernest - September 22, 1950
Bernice Lillian - July 15, 1927


Raymond Paul , Martha Ann , Leon Joseph, Emil George

Lorraine Lillian , Dorothy Mildred , Robert Ernest , Bernice Lillian



Paul was born in Eperjes, Hungary in the year 1888. He came to America at the age of two, with his parents in 1890. They settled in Northland Twp. where they farmed. Paul's education was limited to the third grade and later he took one year of business school at Union Commercial College in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Notice his hand writing on check (in following pages) at the age of 67. In 1913 Paul bought a quarter of land two miles west of his parents home, which he farmed uptil he retired.

Paul found the prettiest girl in Tabor (his own words). She was Eleanor Travnicek, daughter of Joseph and Anna Travnicek. They were married October 21, 1913 in Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Tabor, Minnesota by Father John Berger. Paul was 25 and Eleanor was 19 years old. Four hundred people were invited to their wedding dance, which was held at the Tabor Novak Hall.

In 1914, they built a new home on their land, Paul Myerchin, Paul's uncle, was the carpenter. This is where their eight children were born and raised.. In 1919 a new barn was built which has .stood until 1983. The house was remodeled in 1947.

1929 was the year a hail storm destroyed all of the crops just before the harvest season, so Paul went to work at Texaco gas station in East Grand Forks to support his family. This was only one of many hardships; spring floods have taken their toll financially as well as many hours of labor protecting their home from the waters. Paul told of losing his farm three times during the depression years but always,managed to buy it back. Other places Paul tells of working at were the 'Beardmore Farms and Tarlseth Store in Warren, Minnesota. During prohibition he was self-employed, he made and sold whiskey and beer. .

They suffered the loss of an'infant child and have had their share of family illness, but their faith in. God h~lped them carry their cross.

Paul and Eleanor were great socializers in their community and always had a willing hand and a heart of gold for their family, churth, and neighbor. They have instilled the love of God in each of their children, by having 'them baptized and receive religious education at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Tabor. Appreciation of music was fostered in each of their children, which lead to a family band and many happy times together. Paul even made his own violin.

Paul died of a stroke August 16, 1970 at Good Samaritian Home in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and is buried in Resurrection Cemetery. Eleanor died in 1976
and rests beside him.

The Pribula farm is now owned and operated by their grandson Arnold and his wife Victoria.


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