Peter Dolphis Schiller
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 Hector Schiller/Donelda Sardiff


Born January 9, 1908-Died 1976


Notes on Peter Schiller

Entered the US Army on May 1942 and fought in World War II, returning in November 1945. Was stationed in Italy and Africa. Was a mine detector. He resides in Middle River, Minnesota. Has an antique gun collection as well as other antiques.... Cecila Schiller Belland, 1970


Peter, Cecile and Ed Belland


A postcard that Peter send to Laura Schiller, Dec 23, 1929 asking her to come home for Christmas


Peter was a WWII veteran. He served as a Technical Sergeant in the US Army Corp of Engineers as a bridge builder. He saw action in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. He was proud of his role in the war with one exception: Pete often told us that while on guard duty in North Africa, he encountered and Arab stealing truck parts. Shouting, "Halt!" he spooked the thief who started running. Giving chase, Uncle Pete fired his rife from the hip, aiming over the head of the Arab, to stop him, but the Arab fell dead from an accidental bullet through his neck. Pete's commander ordered the Arab decapitated, the head impaled on spike near the compound entrance for three days, to serve, as a warning to would be thieves. Peter received a commendation for vigilance, and regretted accepting it forever after.

Peter was a gun collector, a proud member of the NRA, a marksman, a hunter and a firearm authority. His extensive collection of books and periodicals was the best reference available to local sportsman interested in the history of their firearms.

On the fourth of July, the whole extended family gathered at Armeline and Art's for a picnic and good conversation. Around four in the afternoon, Uncle Pete would bring out his most valuable flintlock rifles, all in excellent working order, to challenge the younger generation's ability in black powder marksmanship. Target practice ended forever at family get-togethers following Uncle Pete's or my brother Jack's double charging his best flintlock with black powder after guzzling too much beer. The barrel split form breech to muzzle. Jack's hand was a bloody pulp scorched with black power. Fortunately, the wound, after a thorough cleaning in the hospital emergency room, proved to be more cosmetic than serious.

After returning home form the army. Uncle Pete moved to Middle River Minnesota where he built a small, moveable home, which was located on the Myerchin family farm 3 and 1/2 miles west of Middle River. He lived there until our The Myerchin's sold the farm and moved to the Point in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Pete moved to Armeline and Art's farm 1/2 mile east and lived there for about ten years. Eventually he purchased Armeline's lot in Middle River, after she finally realized Art would live out his life on their farm. I helped him move his house to the lot with our Massey Ferguson just before we sold the tractor.


Peter Schiller showing some of his gun collection in the living room of his house in Argyle, MN

When Peter retired from grain elevator repair and maintenance in the late sixties or early seventies, he sold his house in Middle River and moved back to his hometown, Argyle. My Aunt Cecile found him face down among his tomato plants. Apparently, he had died from a heart attack.....Philip R Myerchin, 2002





Uncle Pete was very close to my mother, Laura Schiller Myerchin. They spent at great deal of time together and they shared many experiences . My dad, Joseph Myerchin, and Uncle Pete worked together on a number of projects in Middle River, MN. where they had small lumber cutting operation. One of my earliest memories of Pete was at my father 's funeral. He was extremely emotional and cried a great deal at the loss of my father. I will never forget that.

Later, when I was quite a bit older and had just returned from my service in Vietnam, I went to visit Uncle Pete in Argyle, MN where he had a small house. He was extremely excited to see me. We exchanged war stories and in the process felt a close kinship. He then took me the American Legion Club in Argyle to meet all his friends. I felt proud. Pete was a good uncle....William S Myerchin, 2002


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