Phillip Schiller Jr/ Rose Mary McGlynn Schiller

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Phillip Schiller/Stella Riopelle Schiller     Unknown McGlynn/Unknown


Phillip Jr and RoseMary Schiller on their 50th Wedding Anniversary June 25, 1952--June 25, 2002




Lana Rae Schiller, Clark Schiller, Lein Schiller,

Maryrose Schiller, Frederick Kelly Schiller, Hector Schiller,

P. Daniel Schiller, Yvette Schiller

Teresa Schiller, Peter Schiller


The Phillip Schiller, Jr Family Top: Mary Rose, Lein, Clark, Lana Rose, Front: Hector, Rosemary, Daniel, Yvette, Phillip, Jr., and Fred



Phillip Schiller Jr, born March 8, 1929

Rose Mary McGlynn, born 1928

Married on June 25, 1952



Lana Rae, born 3/21/1953

Clark, born 3/3/1954

Lein, born 12/7/1956

Teresa Schiller, born and died 10/16/1958

Peter Schiller, born and died 2/23/1960

Maryrose, 6/24/1962

Frederick Kelly, born 9/12/1963

Hector Aaron, born 9/6/1964

P. Daniel, born 6/4/1966

Yvette Marie, born 6/14/1968


SCHILLER. P.J. is the son of Phillip and Stella Schiller. He married Rosemary McGlynn (born December 25.1929) in St. Joseph Mission Church, Red River, on June 25. 1952, with Father C. Cloutier officiating. P. J. and Rosemary reside on the family farm located in the NEI/4 of section one in Bloomer Township.

Their children are:

Lana Rae (born March 21. 1953), who married Robert Dufault on November 24. 1972;

Clark Phillip (born March 3, 1954), who operates the Schiller Oil Company in Argyle;

Lein Thomas (born December 7.1955)

Peter, (born 1960-1960)

Maryrose (born June 24, 1962);

Frederick Kelly (born September 12. 1963);

Hector Aaron (born September 19. 1964);

Phillip Daniel (born June 14. 1966); and

Yvette Marie (born March 20. 1968).

The children are the fifth generation of Schillers in Argyle.

....Argyle Centennial Book




SCHILLER FAMILY TREE.PDF of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller complied by Rosemary Schiller, Argyle , MN


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by Robert P. Schiller

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