Raymond Myerchin/Maxine Gorham Myerchin

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          Joseph Myerchin/Matilda Huderle Myerchin         Unknown Gorham/Unknown





Marcella Rae Myerchin, Kathryn Myerchin, Sandra Elaine Myerchin,

Markorie Sue Myerchin, Patricia Ann Myerchin, William Raymond Myerchin



Raymond Myerchin, born Sep 11, 1909, died June 12, 1970

Maxine, Gorham, born 19??

Married on 1949



Marcella Rae, born 6/28/1950

Kathryn, born 8/28/1951

Sandra Elaine, born 10/22/1952

Marjorie Sue, born 7/5/1954

Patricia Ann, 10/22/1956

William Raymond, born 8/16/1959


Raymond was born and raised in the Tabor Minnesota area. He farmed with his father until he entered the United States Army during World War II. He met and married Maxine Gorham of Richmond, Missouri, and in 1952 he moved to Richmond, where they raised a family of five girls and one boy. Raymond is buried in Richmond, Missouri

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