Lawrence Lampel/Sharon Saumur Lampel

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Unknown Lampel/Unknown          Joseph Saumur/Agnes Myerchin Saumur




Shaun Lampel



Sharon Saumur, born November 30, 1949

Lawrence Lampel, born April 2, 1947

Married on February 12, 1972




Shaun, born June 11, 1982

Excerpt from Joseph Saumur's Christmas Letter (2000)...

I am Sharon Lampel, daughter of Joseph Saumur and Agnes Myerchin. My husband Larry is an H.R. Manager for a family owned company; he has worked there for three years. I work at Boeing in Long Beach as a systems analyst and have been there 31 years. Our son Shaun is 18 years old and is in his first year of college. He is attending a community college and would like to transfer to a university in a year. I am currently attending the University of Phoenix and plan to graduate in June of 2002 with a B.S. in management. We love to travel, when finances permit. We have been to Europe several times to visit England, Italy, France, Scotland and Greece. We have also been to Israel and a Caribbean Cruise. Our favorite local get away is the Saumur Cabin or R-Hideaway, as it is called. All the Saumur clan and our spouses, children and grandchildren have spent many a happy time in the mountains of CrestJine, California. I believe my folks were their happiest when all of our families were at R-Hideaway.



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