Phillip Saumur/Barbara Sinclair Saumur

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Joseph Saumur/Agnes Myerchin Saumur       Unknown Sinclair/Unknown




Gregory Thomas Saumur, Mark Stephan Saumur,

Daunine Marie Saumur, Lisa Marie Saumur


Philip Joseph Saumur, born July 3, 1939

Barbara Ann Sinclair, born December 18, 1939

Married on August 20, 1960



Gregory Thomas, born 8/08/1961
Mark Sterphan, born 8/23/1963
Daunine Marie, born 9/13/1967
Lisa Marie, born 12/18/1968

The Phillip & Barbara Saumur Family (Standing) Phillip & Barbara Saumur, Ryan Hameed, Greg Saumur (Phil's brother), Mark Saumur, Lisa Hameed holding Salman Hameed, Kelly Saumur holding Renee Saumur, Jason Saumur, Duanine Wilson holding Patrick Wilson, Eric Wilson, and Melissa Saumur (Seated) Joseph Saumur, Phil's dad, and Alma Sinclair, Barbara's mother.
Gregory Thomas Saumur born Aug 8, 1961 in Lakewood, CA 
Married Kelly Bond on Nov 12,1983 in Lakewood. CA 
Kelly Ann Bond born Aug 26, 1960 in Garden Grove, CA 
Kelly's Father. William L. Bond, Jr. 
Kelly's Mother: Rita Cavinder 
. Jason Gregory born Jan 31, 1985 in Long Beach, CA 
. Melissa Renee born Nov 22, 1987 in Lakewood, CA 
. Renee Nicole born Nov 1. 2000 in Wilomar. CA 

Mark Stephan Saumur born Aug 23. 1963 in Lakewood, CA 
Married Carmen Silva on Jul 29, 1995 in Albuquerque, NM 
Carmen Rey Silva 
Mark & Carmen are divorced 

Daunine Marie Saumur born Sep 13,1967 in Lakewood, CA 
Married Eric Wilson on Feb 6, 1993 in Lakewood, CA 
Eric Paul Wilson born Nov 12. 1966 in Chicago, IL 
Eric's Father. Rodney Wayne Wilson 
Eric's Mother. Nan Barrett Peterson 
. Patrick Norman born Nov 2, 1998 in Irvine, CA 

Lisa Marie Saumur born Dee 18,1968 in Lakewood, CA 
Married Aslam Hameed on Ju14, 1998 In Cypress. CA 
Aslam Hameed born Jan 30, 1965 in Karaitchl, Pakistan 
Lisa's Children: 
. Ryan Thomas Saumur bon Jan 1, 1990 in Orange, CA 
. Salman born Jan 23, 1999 in Long Beach. CA 
. Farah Genevieve born Mar 28, 2001 in Anaheim. CA


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