Cyril F Sirek/ Mary Sirek

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Frank P Sirek/Dorothy Myerchin Sirek          Unknown/Unknown



Cyril F. Sirek, born June 9, 1927

Married Mary ?, on June 3, 1952



Mark Sierk, born 19??, age 30

Matthew, born 19??, age 28




Mark Sirek, Matthew Sirek


Note from Cyril Sierk

Bill (Cousin...), my very sincere thanks for steering me onto the website - whew! You have done more than a yeoman's job on that work of genealogical art!!! It has opened up the entire side of my mother's origins for me, and I confess that at this time I have entered about 60% of it into my own files... Sure hope you don't mind... And I WILL share when I get it done... Again, my very sincere thanks... Maybe I'll get some help and develop a website for the Sirek clans like you did for the Myerchins... I'm not that computer literate... at least not yet... I'll have my son help me... Then you can pick and choose what you may find useful...

As of now, my wife Mary and I are both in reasonably decent health, considering our ages. She is still working (mental health therapist), and I'm retired after 13 years of priesthood (I was laicized in 1968), then the rest of the time in public relations till 1991 (first for a fraternal life insurance company in Chicago, then for Sacred Heart Hospital here in Eau Claire)... We have two sons, Mark, 30, married, finishing his teaching degree, and Matthew, 28, not married quite yet, with a master's in mechanical engineering working for Navistar (diesels), division of International Harvester, in Chicago... didn't mean to ramble. Take care. Gratitude again.

Warm regards. Cousins Cy (Cyril) and Mary

...Feb, 2003




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